API cryptopanic.com with PRO plugin

How to get access to the data in
https://cryptopanic.com/api/v1/portfolio/?auth_token=… (auth_token needed for real access).

For that create a new Plugin-Template with these data
URL: see above

portfolio.totals.BTC: {{portfolio.totals.BTC}}<br>
{% for e in portfolio.entries %}
id: {{e.id}}, currency: {{e.currency.title}}, amount_usd: {{e.amount_usd}}<br>
{% endfor %}

Shortcode: [jsoncontentimporterpro id=NO_OF_TEMPLATE]

Live in action:

portfolio.totals.BTC: 1.01098756
id: 99547, currency: Bitcoin, amount_usd: 3517.23513915
id: 99550, currency: Ren, amount_usd: 107.086342464
id: 99548, currency: BitShares, amount_usd: 105.932669292
id: 99549, currency: Gifto, amount_usd: 101.704387806
id: 99591, currency: Request, amount_usd: 75.675883161