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API-Source: https://secure.meetup.com/meetup_api (Basics: Plugin and meetup.com API)
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where? default: munich, germany (london is 51.509865, -0.118092)
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description by meetup.com:
Searches for recent and upcoming public events hosted by Meetup groups. Its search window is the past one month through the next three months, and is subject to change. Open Events is optimized to search for current events by location, category, topic, or text, and only lists Meetups that have **3 or more RSVPs**. The number or results returned with each request is not guaranteed to be the same as the page size due to secondary filtering. If you're looking for a particular event or events within a particular group, use the standard [Events](/meetup_api/docs/2/events/) method.

The magic behind: 1. Twig-template code (store in Templatemanager!):
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery("#city").on("change keyup", function() {
  var city = jQuery(this).val();
  var clen = city.length;
if (clen>3) {
  jQuery.getJSON("https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address="+encodeURIComponent(city), function(val) {
    if(val.results.length) {
      var location = val.results[0].geometry.location
     var ulr2latlon = "https://www.google.de/maps/place/"+location.lat+","+location.lng
     if (ulr2latlon.length>0) {
        jQuery("a[id='linktest']").html('show location');
        jQuery("a[id='linktest']").prop('href', ulr2latlon);

<form action="/api-meetup-com-search/">
{% if urlparam.text=="" %}
Hits below are all local meetups, try this: <input type=text name=text value="java">
{% else %}
search for meetups: <input type=text name=text value="{{urlparam.text}}">
{% endif %}
<br>where? default: <a href="/api-meetup-com-search/?lat=48.1250724792&lon=11.5571479797">munich, germany</a> (london is <a href="/api-meetup-com-search/?lat=51.509865&lon=-0.118092">51.509865, -0.118092</a>)<br>
<a href=https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/start target=_blank">city</a>(3 chars min): <input type=text name=city id=city 
<a href="" id="linktest" target="_blank"></a><br>
{% if urlparam.lat=="" %}
latitude: <input type=text name=lat id=lat value="48.1250724792">
{% else %}
latitude: <input type=text name=lat id=lat value="{{urlparam.lat}}">
{% endif %}
{% if urlparam.lat=="" %}
longitude: <input type=text name=lon id=lon value="11.5571479797">
{% else %}
longitude: <input type=text name=lon id=lon value="{{urlparam.lon}}">
{% endif %}

<input type=submit value="do search"></form>
{% if meta.total_count>3 %}
 Display the first 3 out of {{meta.total_count}} hits:
{% elseif  meta.total_count==0 %}
 No meetup found
{% elseif  meta.total_count==1 %}
 Display {{meta.total_count}} hit:
{% else %}
 Display {{meta.total_count}} hits:
{% endif %}
{% for event in results %}
{% if loop.index0<3  %}
<b><a href="{{event.event_url}}" target=_"blank">{{event.name}}</a></b>
{% set realtime= event.time %}
{%set shortts = realtime |slice(0,10)  %}
{% if shortts|date("H:i")=="00:00" %}
{{shortts|date("d.m.Y") }}
{% else %}
{{shortts|date("d.m.Y, H:i") }} Uhr
{% endif %}
{% if event.venue.city!="" %}
, <a href="https://www.google.de/maps/place/{{event.venue.lat}},{{event.venue.lon}}" target="_blank">{{event.venue.name}}, {{event.venue.address_1}}, {{event.venue.city}}</a>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
description by meetup.com:
2. WordPress-Shortcode (enable urlparam-option in plugin-setings!):
[jsoncontentimporterpro parser=twig id=5 url=https://api.meetup.com/2/open_events?lat=48.1250724792&lon=11.5571479797&page=20&key=… urlparam=text#lat#lon]