Shownotes: Generate Custom Post Types for API

Here you find the Code for Copypasting to the Video created to show how the JCI-plugin can generate Custom Post Types out of JSON.

1. Link to JSON:

2. Plugin-Settings for Custom Post Tpyes:

3. Overview-Page: twig-cod

{% for m in _parent %}
{{(m.time/1000) | dateformat('%A %m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S ', 'Europe/Berlin', 'en_EN') }}<br>
{{m.venue.address_1}}, {{}}<br>
<a href="/meetup2/id{{}}/">more</a>
{% endfor %}

4. Custom Post Types: twig-code

<a href="{{}}+{{venue.lon}}" target="_blank">{{venue.address_1}}, {{}}</a>
Anmerkung: {{how_to_find_us}}
<a href="{{link}}" target="_blank">more on</a>
<a href="/list-of-meetups/">overview on current meetups</a>

5. Shortcode for generating page:

[jsoncontentimporterpro url= id=NUMBER_OF_TEMPLATE_POINT_3 DEAKdebugmode=10 mode=create createoptions='{"type":"meetup1", "loop":"", "title":"{{name}}", "slugname": "id{{id}}", "deleteold":"yes","customfields": #BRO# {"field1":"value1"}, {"field2{{id}}":"date{{#SQM#now#SQM#|date(#SQM#mdY#SQM#)}}"}#BRC#}']

6. Plugin Repository: Cron-Plugins