JCI and casino.chompcasino.com

Challenge: Load https://casino.chompcasino.com/content/chomp-casino/json/2.1/manifest_multicurrency.json and display those game-items containing a defined title.

Solution: Create a new JCI-template with the following settings.
URL: https://casino.chompcasino.com/content/chomp-casino/json/2.1/manifest_multicurrency.json
urlparam4twig : t

Twig code in template:

{% set t = 'Mont' %}
{% if urlparam.t %}
{% set t = urlparam.t %}
{% endif %}
term: {{t}}<br>
{% for g in games if g.title matches '/'~t~'/i'  %}
title: {{g.title}}<br>
{% for i in g.images %}
{% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

Create new page with this Shortcode: [jsoncontentimporterpro id=NUMBER_OF_JCI_TEMPLATE]

In Action:

Try also this: http://api.json-content-importer.com/jci-and-casino-chompcasino-com/?t=romance