JCI and TablePress

The Plugin “TablePress” and the PRO version of the JSON Content Importer can work together in this way:

  1. Create a new TablePress-Table with e. g. two columns and two rows. Fill the cells with some dummy text. This gives you a shortcode [table id=NUMBER_OF_TABLEPRESS_TABLE].

  2. Create a new JCI-Plugin Template with e. g. some JSON data. The Twig-Code is

    name: {{_context.0.name}}
  3. Create a new WordPress-Page/Post with this shortcode:
    [jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate=NAME_OF_JCI_TEMPLATE orderofshortcodeeval=2]

    Preview this page: You should see some “name”-Data and a Table.

  4. Then change the content of a Table-Cell and insert {{_context.0.name}} there.

  5. Preview again and you should see the JSON-data in the Table.

If the number of columns or rows is dynamic: Up to my knowledge TablePress has a fixed number of cols and rows. So this is not that flexible.
Maybe Table Sort is an option then.

JCI and Table Press in Action:

name:Love Breakfast
1a:Love Breakfast1b