Numbers and Strings in free and PRO plugin

Numbers and Strings:
See this JSON:
{"num": 3.5050, "str": "3.4040" }

There is a little difference: “num” is without quotation marks, “str” is with. The JSON Content Importer Plugin and the PHP behind that handles the “num” as numeric data and removes the 0 at the end.
Free jsoncontentimporter:
[jsoncontentimporter url=]num: {num}, str:  {str}[/jsoncontentimporter]

gives us this:
num: 3.505, str: 3.4040
To “save” the 0 you need the PRO plugin – unfortunately: There “convertjsonnumbers2strings=yes” converts the JSON to do this.
[jsoncontentimporterpro url= convertjsonnumbers2strings=yes  parser=twig]
{{num}} {{str}}[/jsoncontentimporterpro]

gives us this:
num:3.5050, str:3.4040