Issue-number: 236

summary: DataOps. New cheatsheets. High quality data. ML startups to watch. GAMS in R. Data viz book reviews. number: 236 title: Issue 236 url: published_at04.06.19, 15:32

Issue-number: 227

summary: Jupyter in the cloud. Who owns your data? DS Career Guide. Gaming the system. Practical data viz. NLP w/ deep learning. number: 227 title: Issue 227 url: published_at02.04.19, 13:00

Issue-number: 235

summary: Practical ETL. Deploying models. Rise of soccer analytics. Transformer tutorial. Data is Personal. DS role responsibilities. number: 235 title: Issue 235 url: published_at28.05.19, 15:55

Issue-number: 234

summary: Start w/ Why. ML product dev. ML in Julia. Semi-supervised ML. Effective data viz. Matrices as tensor network diagrams. number: 234 title: Issue 234 url: published_at21.05.19, 14:00

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summary: ML @ Stripe. Data Moats. Better than SQL? Versioning data. Interactive widgets for Jupyter. AI for Good. number: 233 title: Issue 233 url: published_at14.05.19, 15:14

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summary: Unicorns. Technical debt for DS. Single parameter fit. How Prophet works. Dev to DS resources. number: 232 title: Issue 232 url: published_at07.05.19, 18:09

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summary: Best DS courses online. Python @ Netflix. Practical guide to neural nets. The Privacy Project. Bayesian optimization. number: 231 title: Issue 231 url: published_at30.04.19, 17:00

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summary: How to ██. Advanced NLP. Metadata. Design thinking & DS. Python DS in a browser. R Graphics Cookbook. number: 230 title: Issue 230 url: published_at23.04.19, 14:32

Issue-number: 229

summary: Jupyter test framework. Leaders vs negative data. Text predictors. Python resources for DS. Design thinking for data. Scalable analytics w/ Spark. number: 229 title: Issue 229 url: published_at16.04.19, 13:55

Issue-number: 228

summary: Version control for Jupyter. Python cheatsheet. Serverless for DS. Learning w/ limited labeled data. Open-source text annotation. number: 228 title: Issue 228 url: published_at09.04.19, 14:45