Display ansd Search JSON: API Example

Challenge: You have to display and search a JSON like http://api.json-content-importer.com/extra/json/hrus.json Solution: Create two JCI-Templates and Pages PAGE 1: Display-Page: Shortcode: Current 3 Positions Open: Digital ManagerThe Digital Manager is responsible…Full Time Contract View JobProject CoordinatorThe Project Coordinator will manage all marketing programs in the initial stage…Temporary Contract View JobSpecialistThe Person is responsible for brainstorming, … Continue reading “Display ansd Search JSON: API Example”

blockchain.info select value

Challenge: Show data from https://blockchain.info/tobtc?currency=USD&value=500 where USD and value is a parameter Twig-Code: {% set js1 = ” %} {% set shcDosc = (js1 | doshortcode) %} {% set shcArr = (shcDosc | json_decode(TRUE) ) %} {% for k,v in shcArr %} {% set selopt = “” %} {%if urlparam.curr==k %} {% set selopt = … Continue reading “blockchain.info select value”

API: blockchain.info

Challenge: Show data from https://blockchain.info/ticker Twig-Code: {% for k,v in _context %} {% if v.sell %} {{k}}: {{v.sell}} {{v.symbol}} {% endif %} {% endfor %} In Action:

PRO, twig: Replace \r\n in JSON to HTML-Linefeeds

Challenge: Display JSON from http://api.json-content-importer.com/extra/json/novida.inschool.fi.json and replace the “\r\n” linefeeds by “<br>” Solution: Use the twig-command “replace” Twig-Code: Koulutuspaikka:{{ Courses.0.Koulutuspaikka}} Koulutuksen sisältö: {% set text = attribute(Courses.0, ‘Koulutuksen sisältö’) %} {{ text |replace({‘\r\n’: ”}) }} In Action: No idea what the text means…

Free Plugin: Show Data with subloop-array

Challenge: Show data from http://api.json-content-importer.com/extra/json/PareStranoit.json Shortcode: totalResults: 2 entry.championship_name: Regular Season Serie A2 Credem Banca – Girone Bianco entry.standing.team_name: Synergy Arapi F.lli Mondovìentry.standing.team_name: Monini Spoleto In Action:

PRO: JSON meets JCI and jQuery for a facet-search

Selecting a hotel for oyur holiday depends on options like location and price. With a facet-search you select several locations out of the all available and define a range for the price. Then the matcihing hotels should be displayed. This can be done with the JCI-PRO-Plugin which grabs the JSON-data, builds a facet and shows … Continue reading “PRO: JSON meets JCI and jQuery for a facet-search”