PRO: Convert adress to latitude and longitude

Challenge: You have an adress like “1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA”. You need latitude and longitude of that adress. General idea for the Solution: Ask the Google-API: YOUR_ADRESS: whatever you server, but url encoded YOUR_GOOGLE_KEY: Get one via Solution in detail: Guess you have JSON-data and each item has an adress. For … Continue reading “PRO: Convert adress to latitude and longitude”

PRO plugin:

API: Local stored JSON: api_coingecko_com_api_v3_simple_price.json Shortcode for showing “usd_market_cap” of “ethereum”: safemoon.usd_24h_vo: ethereum usd: 2252.42 usd_market_cap: 261884616886.15475 usd_24h_vol: 26688530419.190025 usd_24h_change: -4.08725349014 last_updated_at: 1624089927 bitcoin usd: 35925 usd_market_cap: 672364466926.1401 usd_24h_vol: 35564578981.89552 usd_24h_change: -4.94368393903 last_updated_at: 1624089918 safemoon usd: 0.00000398 usd_market_cap: 2314614323.2933064 usd_24h_vol: 11238777.094546229 usd_24h_change: -0.937400991766 last_updated_at: 1624089901 Twig-Code: safemoon.usd_24h_vo: {{safemoon.usd_24h_vo}} {% for k,v in _parent %} … Continue reading “PRO plugin:”

Free Plugin:

API: Local stored JSON: api_coingecko_com_api_v3_simple_price.json Shortcode for showing “usd_market_cap” of “ethereum”: usd_market_cap: 495486677808 In action, show “usd_market_cap” of “ethereum”:

Upload and send Data

Your Challenge: Offer a HTML-Form to your user for inserting some text and uploading a mediafile. The mediafile should be stored locally and displayed together with the text input. Also the text and mediafile should be sent to an API. This is the way to achieve this: Create a JCI-Template: twig-Template: templatename: uploadaddpic URL: This … Continue reading “Upload and send Data”

PRO: Show Page-Properties

Challenge: Show and use WordPress-Page-Properties like User-ID, Page-ID etc. Solution: Create a new JCI-Template with name “showpageproperties” and URL “dummyrequest” (or an URL with JSON) and this twig-Code: Then you can use this Shortcode to display the properties: In Action: Remakr: In the field “post_content” te string “jsoncontentimporterpro” is removed, as this could be cause … Continue reading “PRO: Show Page-Properties”

Free Plugin: API

Task: Show data from (locally stored on Solution: status: successdata.idon_usd: 10.13 In action: