PRO JCI Plugin and the API of

The API of gives Feeds like and inside that JSON like…

This can be used by the PRO JSON Content Importer Plugin for searching the weather:

For that you need a Shortcode and a JCI-Template.

1. The Shortcode:

[jsoncontentimporterpro id=ID_OF_TEMPLATE httpstatuscodemustbe200=no]

is all you need as Shortcode on a WordPress-Page, – Post or CPT.
“httpstatuscodemustbe200=no” is required, as the API answers with an http-Error when a place can’t be found.

2. The JCI-Template:

There fill these fields: URL:{%if urlparam.cit %}{{urlparam.cit}}{% else %}München{% endif %}&lang=de&units=metric&APPID=YOUR_API_KEY
{% set sea = "" %}
{% if urlparam.cit == "" %}
{% set sea = "London" %}
{% else %}
{% set sea = urlparam.cit %}
{% endif %}

{% if cod!="200" %} Place not found {% else %}


Windspeed: {{wind.speed}} m/s, Winddirection: {{wind.deg}}
Temperature: {{main.temp}} ℃, feeels like: {{main.feels_like}} ℃
Pressure: {{main.pressure}} hPa, Humidity: {{main.humidity}}% {% endif %}