API: https://monitoringapi.solaredge.com…

Challenge: Display data from https://monitoringapi.solaredge.com/site/CUSTOMERNUMER/overview.json?api_key=APIKEY There at least three ways to do that…

Solution 1:

Try with the free JSON Content Importer Plugin this:
[jsoncontentimporter url=https://monitoringapi.solaredge.co/site/CUSTOMERNUMER/overview.json?api_key=APIKEY basenode=overview]
lastUpdateTime: {lastUpdateTime}, measuredBy: {measuredBy}<br>
lifeTimeData.energy: {subloop:lifeTimeData:-1}{lifeTimeData.energy}{/subloop:lifeTimeData}

Solution 2 (needed to format the timestamp):

Try with the JCI-Pro Plugin this twig-code in a JCI-template:
lastUpdateTime: {{overview.lastUpdateTime | date("d.mY, H:i:s")}}, measuredBy: {{overview.measuredBy}}<br>
overview.lifeTimeData.energy: {{overview.lifeTimeData.energy}}

Solution 3:

Use my Plugin “Auto Refresh API Ajax” Insert the https://monitoringapi.solaredge.com… URL there and use “overview.lifeTimeData.energy” as data to be displayed.
And at “Where on a page the data should be displayed: DOM-Pageselektor” insert div[id=”jcitest”] On a WordPress-page insert in textmode “<div id=”jcitest”>more to come</div>”.
Then on the page the value of “overview.lifeTimeData.energy” should be inserted and updated every time you set at “How often should we update: Refreshtime in Milliseconds:”.

Not possible yet: Display and update more than one value. For that: You can build a own defined JSON-feed with the JCI-Pro-Plugin and put a datafield as you like in there. This datafield you can use with Auto Refresh API Ajax.