API meetup.com: Basics and Examples

API-Source: https://secure.meetup.com/meetup_api The meetup.com API offers several ways of authentication, here we use the “API key” way: Register at meetup.com, at https://secure.meetup.com/de-DE/meetup_api/key/ you’ll get an “API key”.
Examples: 1. see below: Display the next meetups in my member-groups
2. Advanced: Search meetup.com API

Display the next meetups in my member-groups

1. PRO-Plugin: Do some algorithm with twig Leider steht diese Anwendung aktuell nicht zur Verfügung (error: 401) The magic behind: [jsoncontentimporterpro parser=twig id=…] You’re must manage the twig-templatecode with the Plugins Templatemanager. Twig-code in the WordPress-Editor is not recommended at all, as WordPress replaces some Sourcecode-Characters like Quotes to HTML. So the following simple code is used (meetup.com URL https://api.meetup.com/self/calendar?photo-host=public&page=20&key=… also stored in Templatemanager):
<ul>{% for event in _context %}
{% if loop.index0<5  %}
<b><a href="{{event.link}}" target=_"blank">{{event.name}}</a></b>
{% set realtime= event.time + event.utc_offset %}
{% set shortts = realtime |slice(0,10) %}
{% if shortts|date("H:i")=="00:00" %}
{% else %}
  {{shortts|date("d.m.Y, H:i")}} Uhr, 
{% endif %}
<a href="https://www.google.de/maps/place/{{event.venue.lat}},{{event.venue.lon}}" 
{{event.venue.name}}, {{event.venue.address_1}}, {{event.venue.city}}</a>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}</ul>

2. Free Plugin (not in here: display of time as d.m.Y, check if an datafield like location is empty…):
Syntax for free plugin: <ul>[jsoncontentimporter url=url=https://api.meetup.com/self/calendar?photo-host=public&page=20&key=… numberofdisplayeditems=7] <li>{time}: <a href={link} target=_blank>{name}</a><<br>{subloop:venue:-1}{venue.name}, <a href=https://www.google.de/maps/place/{venue.lat},{venue.long} target=_blank>{venue.address_1} {venue.city}</a>{/subloop:venue} </li> [/jsoncontentimporter]</ul>