PRO Plugin: API

In a simple view Google-Drive-Spredsheets are like Excel but online:
There is also a JSON-API to access the Spreadsheet-data. The URL is like “” where “IDENTIFIER” is a unique string you get at your Google-Drive-Spreadsheet (you also have to set the Spreadsheet public readable, but you can hide the real URL when using this plugin).
[jsoncontentimporterpro id=TEMPLATE_MANAGER_ID]

JCI-Template of the PRO Plugin: twig-code:
<table border=1>
{% for item in feed.entry %}
{{ attribute(item.title, '$t') }}
{% set v1 = attribute(item, 'gsx$valueofnumber') %}
{{ attribute(v1 , '$t') }}
{% set v2 = attribute(item, 'gsx$thirdrow') %}
{{ attribute(v2 , '$t') }}
{% endfor %}


Example: gives you the IDENTIFIER “1__KLa1PHbarb9o7YYOTlUzffaaZqtlixqscySK-hoiY” and then

Plugin output with this Doc and the above twig-code:
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