Free Plugin with JSON-example

One user asked for hints on using a JSON like this. The solution is quite simple:

Install the free JSON Content Importer Plugin and use this Shortcode:

[jsoncontentimporter url= basenode=consumer_reviews_api]{subloop:params:-1}
params: {params.username}
trader: {trader.company_name}
review: {reviews.comments}<br>

See it in action:

params: AONE
trader: Gas Services
review: Installation of a new Worcester Bosch boiler via Worcester Bosh’s preferred installer. Joe was punctual, polite and was happy to talk through any questions I had. Work went well with no issues and the area was left very tidy afterwards. Highly recommended.
review: Service and repair job. Joe was professional, polite and completed the work in good time. The spares he carried on the van meant the broken valve could be replaced immediately, without need to order the part in or get the part. He even entertained my 4 year old who wanted to “help”
review: Good price, communication, high quality work, good advice.
review: New gas boiler fitted and gas safety check – done professionally with good quality finishing, all in a friendly and timely manner. Would recommend to a friend. 🙂
review: Joe was recommended by a friend, and is super professional and friendly. New combination boiler was installed efficiently with a fair quote.

The Block settings for that: