PRO: Plot JSON-data – WordPress Charts Plugin

Together with the Plugin “WordPress Charts” the PRO version of the JSON Content Importer can plot data in many ways. Unfortunately this plugin isn’t availiable in the WP-Repository any more.

Example: gives us the latest 50 numbers of the downloads of the free JCI plugin. The challenge is to display that data like this:

Downloads of the free JSON Content Importer Plugin: Daily statistic of the last 50 days

For that we have to do this:

Name of template: wordpress-stat-plot
Install: WordPress Charts
Create a new JCI-pro-template with:



<a href="" target="_blank">Downloads of the free JSON Content Importer Plugin:</a> <a href="" target="_blank">Daily statistic of the last 50 days</a><br>{%set no = 0 %}
{% for dat,nodl in _parent %}{%set no = (_parent | length)-1 %}{% endfor %}

Save that template and use it on a page with the above shortcode

That’s it…