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Japan Avalanche Kills 8 Teenage Mountaineers on School Trip (World)
The members of a high school mountain climbing club were killed in Tochigi Prefecture a day after the authorities issued an avalanche warning.
(2017.03.27 08:17)

The Movie ‘Get Out’ Is a Strong Antidote to the Myth of ‘Postracial’ America (Opinion)
At its core, the film is all about the continuing impact of slavery on American life.
(2017.03.27 07:26)

Helping Pregnant Inmates, and Babies Born in Prison (Opinion)
Advocates call for the cessation of holding pregnant women, and discuss the collateral damage for children born in prison.
(2017.03.27 07:27)

The Trump Administration’s War on Science (Opinion)
Mr. Trump’s inaugural budget blueprint is a narrow-minded document that sacrifices American innovation to small-bore politics.
(2017.03.27 08:17)

How to Build on Obamacare (Opinion)
But will Trump prefer to make America suffer?
(2017.03.27 08:17)

The King of Crash and Burn (Opinion)
As the controlling party, you must move from the hissing audience to the sweltering spotlight.
(2017.03.27 07:24)

The Bolsheviks Versus the Deep State (Opinion)
One hundred years ago, Russia’s communist insurgents faced a stiff challenge from an intransigent bureaucracy.
(2017.03.27 07:21)

To Win Again, Democrats Must Stop Being the Abortion Party (Opinion)
Hillary Clinton lost the Catholic vote and her unwavering support for abortion rights is one reason.
(2017.03.27 08:17)

An Abdication on Human Rights (Opinion)
By boycotting human rights hearings, the United States set a dismal example for its neighbors.
(2017.03.27 07:26)

Why Steven Mnuchin Wants a Stronger I.R.S. (Opinion)
Every dollar spent on the tax agency yields as much as $10 for the government, a deal President Trump should like.
(2017.03.27 08:10)

Understanding and Treating Chronic Fatigue (Opinion)
Readers discuss problematic widespread views of the disease.
(2017.03.27 07:27)

Help for Veterans (Opinion)
A Vietnam vet writes that veterans need our support to help them live more normal lives.
(2017.03.27 07:27)

Our Delight in Destruction (Opinion)
We were surprised by Trump because we assumed both humans and history is driven by reason.
(2017.03.27 07:20)

Cyclone Barrels Toward Northeastern Coast of Australia (World)
The storm, named Cyclone Debbie, forced thousands of Queensland residents to leave their homes, halting ferry and train service and closing a local airport.
(2017.03.27 06:53)

What’s on TV Monday: Dwayne Johnson in ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ and Kate Winslet in ‘Holy Smoke’ (Arts)
Mr. Johnson visits a tough-love rehabilitation program for young first-time offenders. And Kate Winslet seeks enlightenment in Jane Campion’s “Holy Smoke.”
(2017.03.27 05:00)

Officer Who Killed Ramarley Graham Leaves New York Police Department (N.Y. / Region)
Richard Haste resigned after he was found guilty in a disciplinary review in connection with the 2012 shooting. His dismissal had been recommended.
(2017.03.27 05:37)

Ducks Dispatch the Rangers as Henrik Lundqvist Returns (Sports)
The Rangers could have clinched a playoff berth with a win, but they remain firmly in control of the first wild-card spot.
(2017.03.27 05:48)

Sebastian Vettel Powers Ferrari to Victory at the Australian Grand Prix (Sports)
Vettel took the lead when Lewis Hamilton made a pit stop for new tires, then ended the team’s Formula One drought.
(2017.03.27 05:48)

In Rare Move, Chinese Think Tank Criticizes Tepid Pace of Reform (Business Day)
Efforts to overhaul the world’s No. 2 economy have “fallen into stalemate,” contends a report that chastises national policy makers and local officials.
(2017.03.27 04:08)

With ‘Big Life,’ Millennial Women Get a New Guide (Fashion & Style)
Ann Shoket, a former editor at Seventeen and at CosmoGirl, has just published the book focusing on her readers’ next challenges.
(2017.03.27 05:32)