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First Lady Says an Aide ‘No Longer Deserves the Honor of Serving in This White House’ (U.S.)
There were conflicting reports on Tuesday on whether Mira Ricardel, a deputy national security adviser, had been fired.
(2018.11.14 02:12)

Trump Nominates Retired General as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (U.S.)
The selection of Gen. John P. Abizaid will finally give the president a representative of his own in Saudi Arabia at a time when the relationship with Washington has grown strained.
(2018.11.14 02:02)

Warriors Suspend Draymond Green One Game for Spat With Kevin Durant (Sports)
The volatile forward didn’t pass to Durant in the closing seconds of regulation in Monday’s loss. The ensuing argument was deemed “conduct detrimental to the team.”
(2018.11.14 02:15)

The Real Florida Recount Fraud (Opinion)
Republicans’ baseless claims poison the races for governor and senator.
(2018.11.14 01:50)

A Week After the Midterms, Trump Seems to Forget the Caravan (U.S.)
Historians said there were few comparable instances of a commander in chief warning about a looming threat, only to drop it as soon as people voted.
(2018.11.14 01:40)

White Man Who Shot at Lost Black Boy in Michigan Will Serve at Least 4 Years (U.S.)
Jeffrey Zeigler, who shot at a 14-year-old boy who knocked on his door seeking directions, will serve at least four years before he is eligible for parole.
(2018.11.14 01:34)

Man Pleads Guilty to ‘Swatting’ Hoax That Resulted in a Fatal Shooting (U.S.)
Tyler Barriss, 25, of Los Angeles, faces at least 20 years in prison for making a hoax call to Wichita, Kan., that lead to another man’s death.
(2018.11.14 02:11)

As Florida Recount Swirls, Andrew Gillum Is Taking a Public Stand on Voting Rights (U.S.)
Andrew Gillum conceded the Florida governor election a week ago. But a recount has reopened the race, and he has returned to public appearances across the state.
(2018.11.14 01:38)

El Chapo’s Defense: He Was Framed by Vast Conspiracy (New York)
A lawyer for Joaquín Guzmán Loera argued his client is not the mastermind behind the murderous Sinaloa cartel as prosecutors claim, but “a scapegoat.”
(2018.11.14 01:51)

The Hottest Spot in Florida? The Seat of the Broward County Elections Chief (U.S.)
After days of withering attacks from Republicans, the head of Broward County’s elections office, Brenda Snipes, considers stepping down from post.
(2018.11.14 02:08)

Who Gets the Last Word in a Disputed Senate Race? The Senate. (U.S.)
The two parties are battling in court over the Florida recount, but it is ultimately up to the Republican-controlled Senate to decide whether it accepts the outcome.
(2018.11.14 01:09)

In New Class of Young Lawmakers, a Former Girl Scout Goes to the Statehouse (U.S.)
Cassandra Levesque, 19, had once urged New Hampshire lawmakers to raise the age of marriage in the state. Now she’s been elected to vote on state laws herself.
(2018.11.14 00:51)

What’s an Election Loss When He’s ‘My Kevin’? McCarthy Appears Set to Lead House G.O.P. (U.S.)
Kevin McCarthy, the No. 2 Republican in the House, looks to be on the verge of rising to No. 1, despite his party’s drubbing last week that keeps the speakership from his grasp.
(2018.11.14 02:03)

How Kyrsten Sinema Won Her Senate Seat and Pulled Off a Historic Arizona Triumph (U.S.)
Ms. Sinema began her political career as an antiwar activist and then transformed into a pro-business conservative Democrat who often voted alongside Republicans.
(2018.11.14 00:49)

Manager of the Year Honors Go to Bob Melvin and Brian Snitker (Sports)
Melvin, of the Athletics, won the award for the third time. Snitker led the Braves, who were 72-90 in 2017, to a 90-72 record this season.
(2018.11.14 02:17)

A Left-Flank Protest on Day 1 Signals a Democratic House Divided (U.S.)
Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined activists in a protest in Representative Nancy Pelosi’s office, putting leaders on notice that the new House may be divided.
(2018.11.14 01:21)

A $2 Billion Question: Did New York and Virginia Overpay for Amazon? (Business)
The states offered tax credits, rebates and other incentives to lure the online retail giant and 25,000 jobs. Neighboring states offered even more.
(2018.11.14 00:29)

A Search in Fire-Ravaged California for What No One Wants to Find (U.S.)
In the Northern California town of Paradise, specialists are scouring burned homes for the scores of people still unaccounted for.
(2018.11.14 02:25)

Trump Tribalism Re-elected My Congressman (Opinion)
Representative Chris Collins ran a racist campaign ad while under indictment. But he may have won the election thanks to his support for Donald Trump.
(2018.11.14 00:14)

Save Us, Al Gore (Opinion)
Another Florida recount prompts appreciation of a man nothing like Donald Trump.
(2018.11.14 00:42)