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Mediating Faith and Style: Museums Awake to Muslim Fashions (Arts)
Max Hollein’s show at the de Young brings “modest fashion” into the modern museum age.
(2018.09.25 18:47)

3-D Printed Gun Advocate Cody Wilson Quits Company He Founded (Business Day)
Mr. Wilson, accused of sexual assault against a minor and arrested in Taiwan on Friday, was replaced as Defense Distributed’s director by Paloma Heindorff.
(2018.09.25 18:40)

Gazing From Above at a Summer That Was Both Short and Never-Ending (U.S.)
We sought sanctuary on a silly flotation device at a water park. We found refuge on a sailboat skimming calm waters. We cheered on racecars so loud that we could hardly think.
(2018.09.25 18:34)

China Rejects U.S. Warship’s Visit to Hong Kong as Tensions Rise (World)
The cancellation, along with recalling a senior admiral who was in the United States for a conference, came in response to sanctions imposed by the Trump administration.
(2018.09.25 18:33)

Review: ‘A Million Little Things’ Gets Few of Those Things Right (Arts)
The drama, which premieres Wednesday on ABC, is about a group of best buddies who are struck by tragedy.
(2018.09.25 18:27)

Georgetown Prep’s Yearbook (Opinion)
A reader is shocked that students were allowed to brag about inebriation and promiscuous sexual activity.
(2018.09.25 18:25)

One Reason for Slow Wage Growth? More Benefits (U.S.)
The rise of nonwage compensation like paid time off is helping persuade the Fed to push up interest rates.
(2018.09.25 18:35)

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, the Passionate Formalist (Arts)
Ms. De Keersmaeker’s cerebral, formally rigorous work seems to be everywhere these days, including next week at the Park Avenue Armory (“The Six Brandenburg Concertos”).
(2018.09.25 18:20)

Flash Flooding Ensnares New Jersey and New York City Commuters (New York)
Heavy afternoon rain contributed to flash flooding, slowing or stopping travel on major traffic arteries and leading to many rescues.
(2018.09.25 18:45)

Hatch: ‘Everything Is an Excuse for Delay’ in Kavanaugh Hearing (U.S.)
Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, said Democrats were promoting unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh in order to delay the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation.
(2018.09.25 18:25)

328 Clergywomen Criticize Danforth Over a Kavanaugh Comment (Opinion)
The women criticize the former senator and Episcopal priest’s remarks about Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas’s accusers.
(2018.09.25 18:09)

Mormon Women’s Group Calls for Probe of Allegations Against Kavanaugh (U.S.)
The Mormon Women for Ethical Government called for a suspension of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation proceedings, pending a thorough investigation.
(2018.09.25 18:25)

If He Does This Met Opera Job Well, You’ll Never Know He Exists (Arts)
David Frost juggles the sounds of orchestra players, unpredictable singers and moving sets to make broadcasts that are as high-quality as studio recordings.
(2018.09.25 18:05)

Ex-Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Saying Violent Images Caused Her PTSD (Technology)
The woman, who worked as a contractor for Facebook for nine months, cited her viewing of thousands of images of rapes, killings and other disturbing acts.
(2018.09.25 18:45)

The U.N. Gives a Boost to New York City (Opinion)
The Mayor’s Office for International Affairs cites some of the benefits.
(2018.09.25 17:55)

The World’s New Poor (Opinion)
The International Rescue Committee says they are increasingly a product of civil wars.
(2018.09.25 17:47)

A Novel of World War II Espionage With an Unlikely Heroine (Books)
In Kate Atkinson’s “Transcription,” a naïve young secretary lands in the middle of a clandestine fifth-column operation run by MI5.
(2018.09.25 17:46)

Son of Angola’s Ex-Ruler Detained on $500 Million Fraud Charge (World)
The government moved against José Filomeno dos Santos, son of José Eduardo dos Santos and former head of Angola’s sovereign wealth fund.
(2018.09.25 18:45)

10 Designers on What Helps Them Get Their Work Done (T Magazine)
Watching a classic “Sex and the City” episode, hydrating like a tennis player and other habits creative people in fashion have while on deadline.
(2018.09.25 17:58)

How Trump Is Being Protected in New York (and What It May Cost) (New York)
The president is residing at Trump Tower during the United Nations General Assembly. Dump trucks, street closures and security checkpoints are in place.
(2018.09.25 18:08)