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With Loss and an Injury, It’s Just Another Day for the Mets (Sports)
Robert Gsellman strained his hamstring and could become the sixth of the Mets’ seven main starters from spring training to go on the disabled list.
(2017.06.28 03:23)

Judge Dismisses Charges Against New York Senator Robert Ortt (N.Y. / Region)
The ruling, over allegations of a scheme to funnel money to Mr. Ortt’s wife, was a win for Republicans and a rebuke of the state’s attorney general.
(2017.06.28 03:21)

New York City Approves Rent Increases for Stabilized Apartments (N.Y. / Region)
The Rent Guidelines Board voted Tuesday to allow a raise of 1.25 percent on one-year leases and 2 percent on two-year leases of rent-regulated apartments.
(2017.06.28 02:52)

Geri Allen, Pianist Who Reconciled Jazz’s Far-Flung Styles, Dies at 60 (Arts)
Ms. Allen’s dense but agile piano playing formed a bridge between jazz’s midcentury past and its stylistically diffuse present.
(2017.06.28 02:46)

Sarah Palin Sues New York Times, Claiming Editorial Defamed Her (Business Day)
Ms. Palin contends that The Times “violated the law and its own policies” when it linked her in an editorial to a mass shooting in January 2011.
(2017.06.28 02:43)

Michael Nyqvist, Swedish Actor Who Played Villain in ‘John Wick,’ Dies at 56 (Arts)
Mr. Nyqvist starred in television shows and movies in Sweden, becoming a star in the country, before playing villains in Hollywood thrillers.
(2017.06.28 02:07)

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale: How a Mystery Hid Its Villain (Arts)
I. Marlene King, the showrunner for “Pretty Little Liars,” discusses the Freeform mystery series, which wrapped up its run on Tuesday night.
(2017.06.28 02:03)

Review: Sisters Plot Their Escapes From ‘Napoli, Brooklyn’ (Theater)
In Meghan Kennedy’s kitchen-table drama at the Roundabout, an immigrant Italian family in 1960 seems ready to explode. Then it does.
(2017.06.28 03:26)

Whimsical Celebrity Couple (Crosswords & Games)
The return of David Kwong.
(2017.06.28 02:00)

The Mets Brought Them Together, and May Pull Them Apart (Sports)
The realities of baseball and a subpar season could lead to the separation of three close friends: Yoenis Cespedes, Asdrubal Cabrera and Jose Reyes.
(2017.06.28 01:58)

Police in Helicopter Attack Venezuela’s Top Court, Dropping Grenades (World)
The attack, with grenades, was a rare act of disloyalty against a government under pressure from protests and an economic collapse.
(2017.06.28 03:18)

Quotation of the Day: G.O.P. PUSHES BACK HEALTH CARE VOTE AS SUPPORT WANES (Today’s Paper)
Quotation of the Day for Wednesday, June 28, 2017.
(2017.06.28 01:52)

Nico Hischier, the N.H.L.’s Top Draft Pick, Takes a Long Route From the Alps to the Devils (Sports)
Hischier, a multisport athlete growing up, said he was drawn to hockey because of its speed, intensity and action.
(2017.06.28 01:40)

Manhattan Man, 80, Faces Eviction Again After Years of Fighting Back (N.Y. / Region)
Lloyd Shapiro, who has paranoid schizophrenia, has finally run out of time and money in his battle to keep the Upper East Side apartment where he has lived for 40 years.
(2017.06.28 01:29)

Trump Campaign Chief’s Firm Got $17 Million From Pro-Russia Party (U.S.)
A Ukrainian political party tied to Russia had paid President Trump’s campaign chairman for help branding itself as warming toward the European Union.
(2017.06.28 03:08)

Colombian Anticorruption Official Is Arrested in U.S. Bribery Case (World)
The director of Colombia’s anticorruption unit was arrested in his country’s capital after D.E.A. agents in Miami recorded him at meetings where bribes were discussed.
(2017.06.28 01:02)

Margaux Fragoso, Memoirist Who Wrote Hauntingly of Sexual Abuse, Dies at 38 (Books)
“Tiger, Tiger,” Ms. Fragoso’s graphic account of her relationship with a much older man, was considered one of the more notable books of the year when it was released in 2011.
(2017.06.28 00:59)

Alain Senderens, a Chef Who Modernized French Food, Dies at 77 (World)
Mr. Senderens, one of the most adventurous of the founding fathers of nouvelle cuisine, produced dishes that could entice and, on occasion, shock.
(2017.06.28 00:59)

Richard Benson, Photographer and Printer, Dies at 73 (Arts)
Mr. Benson believed in the painterly impact of reproducing the work of photographers like Irving Penn, Lee Friedlander and Helen Levitt on an offset printing press.
(2017.06.28 00:57)

Trump Welcomes South Korean Leader as Options on the North Wane (World)
President Trump will try to win over South Korea’s progressive new leader, Moon Jae-in, who is more interested in engaging with the North than Mr. Trump’s advisers.
(2017.06.28 00:54)