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How to Cure the Makeup Counter Blues (Style)
As the popularity of online beauty shopping continues to grow, the traditional department store makeup counter is getting a new look.
(2018.05.23 16:01)

‘LOVE’ and Other Four-Letter Words (Arts)
Somewhere in Robert Indiana’s home in Maine, there may exist an early version of his famous image — one that will startle his fans.
(2018.05.23 15:59)

Dwayne Johnson Climbs Higher in New ‘Skyscraper’ Trailer (Movies)
He leads a cast that includes Neve Campbell, Pablo Schreiber and Chin Han.
(2018.05.23 15:58)

Robert Indiana’s Best: A Mini Retrospective (Arts)
From Herman Melville to Mae West, pinball machines to a slave ship, Robert Indiana drew his inspiration from American sources, with deeply personal meanings.
(2018.05.23 16:06)

If You’ve Never Read Philip Roth, Here’s Where to Start (Books)
The prolific author died on Tuesday. Here are seven of his books that you should read right now.
(2018.05.23 15:53)

The Resistance (Style)
We have stepped, pedaled and rolled for fitness, but are we ready to hang?
(2018.05.23 15:50)

City Ballet Just Beginning Rare Search for Leader (Arts)
After 35 years, Peter Martins left City Ballet abruptly. Now the company is sounding out its dancers about what they would like in a successor.
(2018.05.23 15:24)

Ambitious Plan to Fix New York Subway Is Already Facing Obstacles (New York)
The subway’s new leader, Andy Byford, released a plan on Wednesday to save the subway, but politics could get in the way.
(2018.05.23 15:43)

Pursuing R. Kelly: The Reporter Who Never Gave Up (Arts)
For two decades, accusations of sexual impropriety have been leveled at the R&B superstar. And Jim DeRogatis has been covering the story.
(2018.05.23 15:13)

Q&A: Stacey Abrams Says She’s ‘Ready to Get to Work’ (U.S.)
Ms. Abrams secured the Democratic nomination for governor of Georgia on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning, she spoke to The New York Times about what’s next.
(2018.05.23 16:13)

Trump Incorrectly Quotes James Clapper to Falsely Claim F.B.I. Spied On Campaign (U.S.)
President Trump tweeted on Wednesday that Mr. Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, said he “should be happy that the F.B.I. was spying on his campaign.” Mr. Clapper did not say that.
(2018.05.23 15:21)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Be Awarded Mark Twain Prize for Humor (Arts)
The “Veep” star will receive one of comedy’s highest honors in the fall after several decades of a celebrated television career.
(2018.05.23 15:00)

Subscribe to Our Newsletter Dedicated Entirely to Good News (Briefing)
It’s meant to help you start your weekend with a smile, or at least a lighter heart.
(2018.05.23 14:55)

College Does Help the Poor (Opinion)
But we can’t expect higher education to eliminate inequality all by itself.
(2018.05.23 16:18)

Sign Language Isn’t Just for Babies (Opinion)
When we see it as a fad, separate from the actual deaf people who use it to communicate, we lose sight of the stakes of language.
(2018.05.23 14:45)

The Tastes of Summer (Food)
What’s the season’s best fruit? The finest packaged frozen ice cream? Greatest sausage? Our intrepid reporters have ranked the season’s flavors.
(2018.05.23 14:30)

Metrics Are Everywhere in Media. Here’s How They Help. (Technology)
Kathy Zhang, a newsroom and product analytics manager at The Times, discusses how analytics tools help her better serve readers.
(2018.05.23 14:29)

‘The Americans’: How Will It End? (Arts)
Share your theories about how the spy drama will wrap up its story — we’ll publish some of the best submissions just before the May 30 series finale.
(2018.05.23 14:29)

‘Wrath of Coastal Erosion’ Is Devouring a Senegal Fishing Hub (World)
Saint-Louis, on Senegal’s Atlantic coast, has Unesco-protected architecture and a bustling fishing community. But coastal erosion threatens, and is accelerating.
(2018.05.23 14:24)

The Best Coach in the Bay Area Breaks Down the Warriors’ Breakdown (Sports)
“I might lose my lunch,” Sue Phillips, who runs a juggernaut of a high school basketball program, said as she watched Golden State crumble in Game 4.
(2018.05.23 14:12)