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‘The World Is Watching’ (Opinion)
Readers in the United States and abroad react to the first day of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry.
(2019.11.15 12:38)

Impeachment Hearing Updates: What to Expect From Yovanovitch’s Testimony (U.S.)
The former ambassador to Ukraine will testify publicly about the smear campaign by Rudolph Giuliani that led to her ouster as Democrats continue to build their case for impeaching President Trump.
(2019.11.15 12:29)

Impeachment Isn’t a Pro Wrestling Match (Opinion)
Oh, I’m sorry, are these revelations about abuse of power not entertaining enough for you?
(2019.11.15 12:04)

DealBook: Lawmakers Push Banks to Fight Gun Crime (Business)
A day after two students were killed at a school in California, a new bill will seek to have banks work with the government on financial activity related to firearms.
(2019.11.15 11:31)

Stephen Miller’s Sinister Syllabus (Opinion)
Leaked emails from 2015 and 2016 show one of Trump’s top advisers trying to teach Breitbart editors a thing or two about white nationalism.
(2019.11.15 11:00)

" width="">##}Training a Spotlight on Chile’s ‘Miracle’ (Podcasts)
America exported its economic system to the South American country after a coup. Nearly 50 years later, it’s a nation with staggering inequality — and destabilizing protests.
(2019.11.15 11:01)

To Excuse Trump, Republicans Embrace Fantasy (Opinion)
The impeachment hearings showcase their mental limberness and ethical elasticity.
(2019.11.15 11:00)

Impeachment Inquiry Proceedings: What’s Coming Up (U.S.)
The House’s impeachment inquiry, which burst into public view this week, will only pick up speed in the coming days.
(2019.11.15 11:00)

From Bolivia, Sad Lessons on How to Fix Semi-Democracies (Opinion)
The fall of Evo Morales is a reminder that fixing a flawed democracy may not always follow the democratic playbook.
(2019.11.15 11:00)

It Was Obvious from Day 1 (Fashion)
The first time someone asked Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim and Eliza Ladensohn how long they had been together, it was the very day they met.
(2019.11.15 11:00)

Marie Yovanovitch, Saugus High School, Cleveland Browns: Your Friday Briefing (Briefing)
Here's what you need to know.
(2019.11.15 12:52)

The Mystery of the Tiny Twin Towers (New York)
After a devastating act of vandalism, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine restored the twin towers on its intricately carved facade.
(2019.11.15 10:17)

" width="">##}The Plan to Rescue El Chapo’s Son: Chaos, Guns and Fear (The Weekly)
One of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels turned a city into a war zone for a day. Watch how gunmen took on the army — and won.
(2019.11.15 10:22)

South Korea Resists U.S. Pressure to Improve Ties With Japan (World)
Defense Secretary Mark Esper had urged Seoul to reconsider abandoning a military intelligence-sharing deal with Tokyo.
(2019.11.15 10:34)

At Howard University, Homecoming Is a Pilgrimage (Arts)
‘Coming to Howard for the first time was seeing the beauty of blackness,’ one alumnus said.
(2019.11.15 10:00)

She Grew Up on a Remote Italian Island. Then Came the Holocaust. (New York)
Recalling the once-vibrant Jewish life in prewar Rhodes, an island in the Mediterranean.
(2019.11.15 10:00)

Halloween Nooses in Brooklyn? Outrage Yields to a Teachable Moment (New York)
Offensive decorations sparked neighborhood protests and vitriol online. But after the Instagram explosion came a frank conversation about race.
(2019.11.15 10:00)

‘Almost Family’ in My Almost House (Real Estate)
What it’s like to have your home replicated on a sound stage and watch it become a regular character on TV.
(2019.11.15 10:00)

For 16 Transgender Hockey Players, a Groundbreaking Weekend (Sports)
Team Trans, believed to be the only entirely transgender sports squad in the United States, recently played together for the first time.
(2019.11.15 10:00)

Why White Parents Were at the Front of the Line for the School Tour (New York)
The high stakes of high school admissions in New York — and the lengths some go to get any small advantage.
(2019.11.15 10:00)