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After ‘Us,’ Jordan Peele Crosses Over to ‘The Twilight Zone’ (Arts)
Peele, the comedian turned Oscar-winning horror filmmaker, overcame initial reservations to remake Rod Serling’s classic series for CBS All Access.
(2019.03.26 08:01)

An Insider’s View of Joy and Beauty in Africa’s Biggest Shantytown (Lens)
Through Kibera Stories, Brian Otieno looks beyond the stark realities that have defined his hometown’s visual narrative to photograph innovative fashion, art and everyday life.
(2019.03.26 08:01)

Learning With: ‘Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy, but Stops Short of Exonerating President on Obstruction’ (The Learning Network)
After a nearly two-year investigation, the Mueller Report has been submitted. What does it say and how will it affect the nation?
(2019.03.26 08:01)

A Deep Talent Pool Should Keep the Dodgers Afloat (Sports)
Los Angeles a strong chance to become the first team since the 1923 Yankees to lose two World Series in a row and return for a third try.
(2019.03.26 07:01)

How Hard Will It Be for the Red Sox to Repeat? Ask the Astros. (Sports)
Last year’s division champions — Boston, Cleveland and Houston — seem poised to repeat, but the Yankees, A’s, Angels, Twins and Rays loom as challengers.
(2019.03.26 07:01)

Literary Protagonists (The Learning Network)
Who are your favorite characters from the books you’ve read?
(2019.03.26 07:01)

Refugees Who Sheltered Edward Snowden Are Given Asylum in Canada (World)
A Filipino woman and her daughter arrived in Toronto, while five others who allowed the former National Security Agency contractor into their Hong Kong homes are awaiting decisions.
(2019.03.26 07:22)

Uber to Acquire Careem, Its Top Mideast Rival (Business)
The $3.1 billion deal, a break from Uber’s approach in some other regions, will give the ride-hailing company a strong foothold in the area ahead of its expected public offering.
(2019.03.26 06:46)

This Water Drop, It’s the Greatest Dancer (Science)
You've probably never seen water do this.
(2019.03.26 06:31)

Spinning Water Droplets That Defy Physics (Science)
Chinese researchers have discovered a new way to make water droplets spin, creating a potential new kind of hydropower.
(2019.03.26 06:31)

When Sky & Telescope Had No Limit (Science)
A venerable astronomy magazine goes on the auction block, and a writer who grew up there reflects on its influence.
(2019.03.26 06:01)

Word + Quiz: dulcet (The Learning Network)
This word has appeared in eight articles on NYTimes.com in the past year.
(2019.03.26 06:01)

What’s on TV Tuesday: ‘Miracle Workers’ and ‘Temptation Island’ (Arts)
Daniel Radcliffe sets out to save humankind in the series finale of “Miracle Workers.” And the first season of the “Temptation Island” reboot comes to a close.
(2019.03.26 05:01)

Mueller Report, Brexit, Sackler Family: Your Tuesday Briefing (Briefing)
Let us help you start your day.
(2019.03.26 06:58)

2nd Man Found Dead in Ed Buck’s Home Overdosed on Methamphetamine (U.S.)
Timothy Dean, 55, like Gemmel Moore, 26, died of an accidental methamphetamine overdose in the West Hollywood apartment, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
(2019.03.26 04:32)

Trump Officials Broaden Attack on Health Law, Arguing Courts Should Reject All of It (U.S.)
The administration had previously said only that the Affordable Care Act’s pre-existing conditions provisions should be struck down, leaving parts like Medicaid expansion intact.
(2019.03.26 04:56)

Samsung Predicts Disappointing Results as Chip Prices Fall (Business)
Weaker demand for smartphones in China and elsewhere has put increasing pressure on the gadget industry.
(2019.03.26 03:38)

Las principales noticias del martes (Universal)
Oscuridad de nuevo, desaparecidos, y sangre, sudor y lágrimas: lo que está sucediendo en América Latina y el mundo.
(2019.03.26 04:47)

Corrections: March 26, 2019 (Corrections)
Corrections appearing in print on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.
(2019.03.26 04:12)

On Politics: With Mueller Inquiry Over, Trump Goes on the Offensive (U.S.)
President Trump and his allies vowed to pursue and even punish those responsible for the Russia investigation, which ended without implicating him.
(2019.03.26 06:40)