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Pulled Apart by Addiction (Fashion)
Eli Falk and Rina Shapiro say expectations from their upbringing and Jewish communities caused them to marry prematurely.
(2020.01.27 11:00)

" width="">##}A Small Town’s Fight Over America’s Biggest Sport (Podcasts)
Is football safe for kids to play? The debate in Marshall, Texas, reflects a broader dialogue about the dangers of playing the game.
(2020.01.27 11:25)

" width="">##}Afghan Passenger Plane Crashes, Officials Say (World)
There was confusion over the number of casualties in the crash, which took place in Taliban-controlled territory, as well as who the plane belonged to
(2020.01.27 10:46)

Harvey Weinstein on Trial: What’s Happened So Far (New York)
The actresses Annabella Sciorra and Rosie Perez testified at the proceeding, and prosecutors offered tawdry details about what they said were assaults on women.
(2020.01.27 10:28)

John Bolton, Kobe Bryant, Grammy Awards: Your Monday Briefing (Briefing)
Here's what you need to know.
(2020.01.27 10:55)

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Is Hit by Rocket Fire (World)
For the second time in a week, rockets targeted the American Embassy in Baghdad. The Iraqi government promised a strong response.
(2020.01.27 10:15)

How Much Do You Know About Turkey? (The Learning Network)
Can you find Turkey on a map? What else do you know about this Middle Eastern nation with about 84 million people?
(2020.01.27 10:15)

Leader of Pakistani Rights Movement Is Arrested on Conspiracy Charges (World)
Manzoor Pashteen and his peaceful protest movement have accused the security forces of extrajudicial killings. Now, he may face charges of conspiring against the state.
(2020.01.27 10:05)

Fourth Spy at Los Alamos Knew A-Bomb’s Inner Secrets (Science)
Historians recently uncovered another Soviet spy in the U.S. atomic bomb program. Fresh disclosures show he worked on the device’s explosive trigger.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

Tears for the Magnificent and Shrinking Everglades, a ‘River of Grass’ (Travel)
Florida’s freshwater wonder is threatened like never before with a rising sea level as restoration efforts lag.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

A Knight in Gucci Armor Helps Charge a Geothermal Dragon (World)
A company wants to build a geothermal plant in Umbria. Locals — and celebrities who live there — don’t want it.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

I Went to Check on a Resort in Ruins. I Left With Much More. (Reader Center)
Finding out why Caneel Bay Resort on St. John hasn’t reopened was complicated. Connecting with the heart of the island wasn’t.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

In Crucial Pennsylvania, Democrats Worry a Fracking Ban Could Sink Them (U.S.)
The fracking ban pushed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders  epitomizes a Democratic quandary: Appeal to swing voters or energize a liberal movement?
(2020.01.27 10:00)

Inside the Jennifer Dulos Murder Inquiry: What 5 Warrants Reveal (New York)
The body of the Connecticut mother of five has still not been found. But search warrants show how a case against her estranged husband was built.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

In Impeachment Battle, California Stands on the Front Lines (U.S.)
California leaders on both sides are playing an outsized role in Washington’s impeachment drama, reflecting the complex political landscape in the deep blue state.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

The Fight Over Witnesses Is Really a Fight Against Trump’s Obstruction (Opinion)
Congress needs to stand up for the integrity of impeachment, its own authority and the rule of law.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

Shopping for Bathmats (Real Estate)
Because the small luxuries are sometimes the most essential.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

The Agency That Brought Appalachia Electricity Must Focus on the Climate (Opinion)
The Tennessee Valley Authority could do a lot in short order, if it chose to.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

The Shaky Future of .org Domains (Opinion)
The sale of the nonprofit domains to a private equity firm threatens the integrity of the open internet. ICANN should investigate.
(2020.01.27 10:00)

A Proposal to Offset Prosecutors’ Power: The ‘Defender General’ (U.S.)
If criminal defendants are to face a level playing field at the Supreme Court, a new article says, fundamental change is needed.
(2020.01.27 10:00)