Issue-number: 254

summary: Thinking through SQL. Winning ⚽ w/ network science. Probability intuition. Streamlit. MLOps Tooling. Learning w/ time series. Trusting AI. number: 254 title: Issue 254 url: published_at08.10.19, 17:07

Issue-number: 248

summary: Speed matters. 🏀 NBA Analytics. Data lineage. Learning linear algebra. Health data best practices. How-to guide: color. number: 248 title: Issue 248 url: published_at27.08.19, 20:07

Issue-number: 250

summary: Legal scraping. Yellow flags. Continuous delivery for ML. Obsessed with numbers. Regex puzzles. Load testing. Data wrangling CLI tools. Expert viz. number: 250 title: Issue 250 url: published_at10.09.19, 16:03

Issue-number: 251

summary: Gaussian Processes, not quite for dummies. Machine-driven warfare. ML workspace. Full stack vs niche. Document embedding techniques. number: 251 title: Issue 251 url: published_at17.09.19, 17:31

Issue-number: 246

summary: Conferences & Events. Jupyter best practices. Fair Trade data. Modeling conversion rates. More pandas tricks. Sampling algorithms. number: 246 title: Issue 246 url: published_at13.08.19, 17:41

Issue-number: 249

summary: Everything you should know about data mgmt. Growing a DS team. ‘Playlist’ recommender: step by step. How to learn D3. Uncertainty viz. BERT lite. number: 249 title: Issue 249 url: published_at03.09.19, 16:37

Issue-number: 252

summary: 🚀 The AI 50. Optimal Fantasy 🏈. ML case studies. Design principles for ML. On-time analytics. ggplot2 for publication. Color confusion. number: 252 title: Issue 252 url: published_at24.09.19, 12:00

Issue-number: 247

summary: DS career paths. Data apps w/ Dagster. ⚽ viz analytics. Performance mindset w/ Julia. Inspection paradox. Forensic analytics. number: 247 title: Issue 247 url: published_at20.08.19, 18:45

Issue-number: 253

summary: The Evolving data platform. Catch them if you can. Automation w/ Jupyter. Modeling data. Statistical fallacies. Working w/ time. Data viz minimalism. number: 253 title: Issue 253 url: published_at01.10.19, 17:47