Issue-number: 274

summary: Crash course in game theory for ML. Mining a data trove with PDFs, email, Word, etc. Data discovery at Spotify. Observable for Jupyter users. number: 274 title: Issue 274 url: published_at03.03.20, 21:47

Issue-number: 269

summary: Notebook pains and opportunities. How to get into sports analytics. Nature of intelligence. Bayesian product ranking. Understanding Altair. number: 269 title: Issue 269 url: published_at29.01.20, 00:17

Issue-number: 271

summary: How to predict an epidemic. What does a CDO really do? Finding patterns in high-dimensional data. Data maturity levels. AI trends for 2020. D3 gallery number: 271 title: Issue 271 url: published_at12.02.20, 03:10

Issue-number: 273

summary: Making data valuable. Gartner Magic Quadrant for DS & ML. Mathematics for the adventurous self-learner. Computer vision basics in Excel. Reading club. number: 273 title: Issue 273 url: published_at26.02.20, 00:43

Issue-number: 270

summary: Modeling coronavirus. How to put R in production. Ray tips & tricks. Mathematics for ML. Finding your way in ML. Distrusting data. number: 270 title: Issue 270 url: published_at04.02.20, 23:45

Issue-number: 275

summary: How to know when an epidemic will end. Creating a DS first organization. Epidemiology with R. Getting data out of PDFs. Visualization grammar. number: 275 title: Issue 275 url: published_at10.03.20, 23:53

Issue-number: 272

summary: Python ML trends & developments. The business of AI. Projects to know. What makes ML reproducible? Communicating model uncertainty. number: 272 title: Issue 272 url: published_at18.02.20, 19:18

Issue-number: 276

summary: Covid-19: Models, notebooks, dashboards, viz considerations, data sources and more. number: 276 title: Issue 276 url: published_at17.03.20, 20:50

Issue-number: 277

summary: Faster R. Liquidity modeling in real estate. End-to-End ML tutorial. Evolutionary ML. number: 277 title: Issue 277 url: published_at25.03.20, 00:12

Issue-number: 278

summary: Data hygiene. Sports analytics book recommendations. Forecasting pandemics in the real world. Retrospective of an AI startup crash. number: 278 title: Issue 278 url: published_at25.03.20, 00:29