Issue-number: 245

summary: ⚾ Sports viz. Managing experiments. Python Handouts. DS team integration. Future of data eng. Intro to decision intelligence. number: 245 title: Issue 245 url: published_at06.08.19, 15:26

Issue-number: 239

summary: gospel – God = jazz. SQL UI for JupyterLab. Data-As-A-Service Bible. Best ⚽ analytics pieces. AI’s BS-Industrial Complex. Tools for LaTeX. number: 239 title: Issue 239 url: published_at25.06.19, 17:59

Issue-number: 241

summary: Data science @ NY Times. Anomaly detection. Bare-bone ML models. AI-driven decision making. TensorWatch: a debugging Swiss Army Knife. number: 241 title: Issue 241 url: published_at09.07.19, 16:06

Issue-number: 242

summary: Pandas tricks. Essential NLP. Just bluffing. Complementary item recommenders. Africa ML. Data viz style guides. number: 242 title: Issue 242 url: published_at16.07.19, 16:38

Issue-number: 237

summary: 👽 Alien data. Modeling the unseen. Evaluating stats software. Getting started w/ Data Engineering. Uncertainty visualization. BI acquisition impact. number: 237 title: Issue 237 url: published_at11.06.19, 15:00

Issue-number: 240

summary: 2019 Data & AI Landscape. AutoPandas. GDPR – 1 year review. Monte Carlo gradient estimation. Key data viz principles. for Jupyter. number: 240 title: Issue 240 url: published_at02.07.19, 13:41

Issue-number: 243

summary: Practical BERT. ML interviews. R w/ Big data. Self-directed learning. Hands-on Bayesian statistics. useR!2019 highlights. number: 243 title: Issue 243 url: published_at23.07.19, 13:05

Issue-number: 238

summary: Advanced R. ML for climate change. Curated ML notebooks. Web apps from Jupyter. Hiding data in text. AI tool gaps. number: 238 title: Issue 238 url: published_at18.06.19, 11:00

Issue-number: 244

summary: 🕶️ Production ML. Too unique to hide. R-Ladies. Optimizing SQL. Team organization. Animation & data viz. Google Cloud cheat sheet. number: 244 title: Issue 244 url: published_at30.07.19, 14:48

Issue-number: 246

summary: Conferences & Events. Jupyter best practices. Fair Trade data. Modeling conversion rates. More pandas tricks. Sampling algorithms. number: 246 title: Issue 246 url: published_at13.08.19, 17:41