Issue-number: 300

summary: Testing ML. Practical ethics. DS talent strategy. Visualization Mirages. ML survey papers. Data semantics. Language of Science. number: 300 title: Issue 300 url: published_at26.08.20, 03:36

Issue-number: 295

summary: Advanced SQL. How to choose what to work on. GPT-3. Intro to PyTorch. Inside Palantir. Critiquing data viz. number: 295 title: Issue 295 url: published_at22.07.20, 15:19

Issue-number: 297

summary: SQL tricks. Modeling 🏀. Metadata management. Science Fictions. Data validation lib for pandas. Awesome GPT-3. number: 297 title: Issue 297 url: published_at04.08.20, 17:40

Issue-number: 299

summary: Generalists vs. specialists. Jupyter Book. Economics of AI. Computational Causal Inference. AG ML. Data analysis w/ JavaScript. number: 299 title: Issue 299 url: published_at18.08.20, 22:06

Issue-number: 296

summary: Applied ML. Faking news. COVID-19: Behind the numbers. Monitoring ML. Azure Architectures. Assessing data advantage for AI. number: 296 title: Issue 296 url: published_at29.07.20, 15:31

Issue-number: 301

summary: Puzzling visualizations. Election forecasting. Practical COVID risk assessment. Big Book of R. Tidyverse-style EDA in Python. number: 301 title: Issue 301 url: published_at01.09.20, 22:32

Issue-number: 298

summary: Data Team ROI. Git for data? Multi-armed bandits. Unbundling DS Workflows. 2020 conferences. Dashboarding. number: 298 title: Issue 298 url: published_at12.08.20, 03:40

Issue-number: 302

summary: ⚽️ Modeling. Election forecasting. COVID-19 broke our models. Predicting traffic. SQL style guide. Visualizing uncertainty. number: 302 title: Issue 302 url: published_at09.09.20, 03:14

Issue-number: 303

summary: Incredible PyT🔥rch. R Markdown Cookbook. Cleaning data. How-to win Kaggle competitions. Communicating w/ Interactives. Model explainability at scale. number: 303 title: Issue 303 url: published_at16.09.20, 05:20

Issue-number: 304

summary: The cost of privacy. Coding for 🏈 ⚾ ⚽ 🏒 🏀. Randomized responses. Tidy Modeling. Practical intakes. Programming with NumPy. number: 304 title: Issue 304 url: published_at23.09.20, 05:11