Issue-number: 309

summary: Hype Cycles. Intro to feature stores. Key interview questions. Data team organization. ML course recommendations. PandasGUI for dataframes. number: 309 title: Issue 309 url: published_at28.10.20, 03:41

Issue-number: 304

summary: The cost of privacy. Coding for 🏈 ⚾ ⚽ 🏒 🏀. Randomized responses. Tidy Modeling. Practical intakes. Programming with NumPy. number: 304 title: Issue 304 url: published_at23.09.20, 05:11

Issue-number: 306

summary: How to waste your career. 2020 Data & AI Landscape. Why analytics fail. Scaling ML. Cardinal rules of stats. Healthy data pipelines. number: 306 title: Issue 306 url: published_at06.10.20, 21:50

Issue-number: 308

summary: Superlearning. Modern data infrastructure. Dockerfile security. Structural time series. Awesome Data Engineering. In AI We Trust. number: 308 title: Issue 308 url: published_at20.10.20, 22:43

Issue-number: 305

summary: Data tooling trends. Recommender Systems. Intro to NumPy and Matplotlib. Red flags for interviews. Hardware Lottery. Data quality governance. number: 305 title: Issue 305 url: published_at30.09.20, 17:33

Issue-number: 310

summary: U.S. politics w/ R. Data discovery platforms. Bayesian time series modeling. Scalable time series. Form extraction. Mixed models w/ R. number: 310 title: Issue 310 url: published_at03.11.20, 21:28

Issue-number: 307

summary: Intro to Bayesian Modeling. Strategic career development. Putting ML in production. Top research areas for DS. People analytics. Data discovery. number: 307 title: Issue 307 url: published_at14.10.20, 04:22

Issue-number: 311

summary: Selective attention in data analysis. Linear algebra intro & reference. Rebuilding for data quality. Hierarchical time series modeling. Data Feminism. number: 311 title: Issue 311 url: published_at11.11.20, 02:28

Issue-number: 312

summary: Hands-on ML. COVID mobility modeling. Prediction markets vs polls. Julia Notebooks. Colliding worlds of BI and DS. ML for Java. Data discovery at Uber number: 312 title: Issue 312 url: published_at18.11.20, 01:17

Issue-number: 313

summary: 🔥 ML tutorial w/ crypto. ⚽ Analytics 2021. Dynamic data testing. Modeling vaccination strategies. Experimentation w/ resource constraints. number: 313 title: Issue 313 url: published_at24.11.20, 22:33