Issue-number: 187

summary: 🚀 Fast NLP. Model tuning & bias-variance trade-off. Forecasting w/ R. ML datasets. Comparing techniques, compared. Extract data from pdfs. number: 187 title: Issue 187 url: published_at19.06.18, 18:16

Issue-number: 178

summary: Weird algos. Recommended recommenders. Ethics w/ teeth. Unraveling FB wizardry. SPARQL basics. number: 178 title: Issue 178 url: published_at17.04.18, 16:47

Issue-number: 179

summary: Command line tricks for data scientists. Scaling pandas. Pipeline debt. Weird chart types. New Data Science tooling innovation lab. number: 179 title: Issue 179 url: published_at24.04.18, 15:36

Issue-number: 180

summary: SQL tutorial. Pining for R. Making machine learning fair. Visual design. Finding the *real* value in AI. number: 180 title: Issue 180 url: published_at01.05.18, 18:00

Issue-number: 181

summary: “Just an engineer.” Stats modeling vs machine learning. One-trick pony. Bayesian optimal pricing. Cutting-edge DL for coders. Visidata tutorial. number: 181 title: Issue 181 url: published_at08.05.18, 16:18

Issue-number: 182

summary: Python speed tips. Privacy vs analytics. Failing slow. Scientific debt. Tricking humans. Throwing shade. Data ethics reading list. number: 182 title: Issue 182 url: published_at15.05.18, 17:28

Issue-number: 183

summary: Tricky math. GDPR versus machine learning. Data science for startups. Cross-border data flows. Easy Tensorflow. number: 183 title: Issue 183 url: published_at22.05.18, 18:33

Issue-number: 184

summary: 📚🤓 Summer Reading List. Scaling analytics. Data vs models. ML beyond curve fitting. Fake news from the trenches. What exactly is an ML Engineer? number: 184 title: Issue 184 url: published_at29.05.18, 17:33

Issue-number: 185

summary: Data Detectives. Slippery slope. JavaScript data wrangling. Fast stats. Foundations of NLP. Beautiful interactives. number: 185 title: Issue 185 url: published_at05.06.18, 19:02

Issue-number: 186

summary: ⚽ World Cup predictions. Real products versus Machine Learning. Tiny apps. Automated feature engineering. Deconstructing D3. number: 186 title: Issue 186 url: published_at12.06.18, 18:05