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daten im normalen text, siehe auch metadaten im sourcecode:

Dynamic Title, Meta…: Shortcodes everywhere-, Yoast-, JCI-Plugin

Your task: Set the Page-Title, Meta-Description etc. of a page by an API. Solution: Install the free- or PRO-Version of the JCI-Plugin (depending on what API/JSON you use) and the plugins “Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere” and “Yoast SEO“. The “Shortcodes Anywhere or Everywhere”-Plugin lets you define, where a Shortcode is executed. Add title etc. as … Continue reading “Dynamic Title, Meta…: Shortcodes everywhere-, Yoast-, JCI-Plugin”

API: Itunes

API: Itunes, e.g. https://rss.itunes.apple.com/api/v1/de/ios-apps/new-apps-we-love/all/10/explicit.json In action (JSON below uses a static copy of the itunes-feed at this server):

Twig: calculate and sort JSON-data

If you want to sort and calulate JSON-data the PRO-Version is needed and the twig-parser. Example-JSON: Template for the Plugins Template-Manager: Shortcode: In action:

API: results.elections.virginia.gov

API / JSON: http://results.elections.virginia.gov/vaelections/2015%20November%20General/Json/Member%20Senate%20of%20Virginia%20%28017%29.json Plugin-Display: What template is used? Try this:

API: grabaseat.co.nz

API: https://grabaseat.co.nz/vgrabview/destination/specials?airportCode= [jsoncontentimporter url=https://grabaseat.co.nz/vgrabview/destination/specials?airportCode=]{subloop-array:specials:-1}{originName}{/subloop-array:specials}[/jsoncontentimporter] Result:

API: i8at.com

http://www.i8at.com/sites/api.php?site_id=10877 gives some Restaurant-Menu-Data. Template: trivia: {{trivia}}<br> {% for meal in specials %}<b>{{meal.gname}}</b><br> {% for sitems in meal.items %}{{sitems.name}}<br>{{sitems.price}}{% endfor %} {% endfor %} Shortcode:: [jsoncontentimporterpro url=http://www.i8at.com/sites/api.php?site_id=10877 parser=twig id=NO_OF_TEMPLATE] In action: