Issue-number: 261

summary: ⚽ Team formation analysis. ML systems design. Quantitative finance notebooks. Cost-benefit analysis. Local-first data. Audio analysis w/ ML. number: 261 title: Issue 261 url: published_at27.11.19, 00:12

Issue-number: 255

summary: Sports Viz Digest. Predictive t| . Benchmarking open ML models. Crash Course: TensorFlow 2.0 + Keras. ML lessons learned. Data wrangling w/ R. number: 255 title: Issue 255 url: published_at15.10.19, 18:00

Issue-number: 257

summary: Beyond Jupyter. Killer app for ML. Measuring success. Adversarial ML. Glue work. How to choose visualization types. Spark w/ R. number: 257 title: Issue 257 url: published_at19.11.19, 22:59

Issue-number: 258

summary: Clean code. Bloom filters. Project Silica. Understanding UMAP. Structuring data teams. Data map challenge. U.S. vs privacy. number: 258 title: Issue 258 url: published_at19.11.19, 23:09

Issue-number: 253

summary: The Evolving data platform. Catch them if you can. Automation w/ Jupyter. Modeling data. Statistical fallacies. Working w/ time. Data viz minimalism. number: 253 title: Issue 253 url: published_at01.10.19, 17:47

Issue-number: 256

summary: Salaries. Algorithmic slammer. Predicting time-series. SQL query steps. ML portfolio tips. Real-time ML at scale. Fake news ID. number: 256 title: Issue 256 url: published_at19.11.19, 22:50

Issue-number: 259

summary: ML product dev. Modern SQL. Scaling a data team. Data discovery. Probablistic scripts. Sci Vis w/ openGL. Bar chart race tutorial. number: 259 title: Issue 259 url: published_at19.11.19, 23:15

Issue-number: 254

summary: Thinking through SQL. Winning ⚽ w/ network science. Probability intuition. Streamlit. MLOps Tooling. Learning w/ time series. Trusting AI. number: 254 title: Issue 254 url: published_at08.10.19, 17:07

Issue-number: 260

summary: Key ML/NLP paper summaries. Confident Learning. Data trends in tech. Journalism AI. Better viz for science. number: 260 title: Issue 260 url: published_at19.11.19, 23:38

Issue-number: 262

summary: End to end Jupyter. Kubernetes intro. ML trading system. Visual intro to BERT. ~Git for data. Curse of expertise. Privacy vs data. number: 262 title: Issue 262 url: published_at03.12.19, 14:53