Issue-number: 212

summary: “Anonymous.” Why analysts are key. What’s next for pandas? The Master Plots. Prediction at scale. Data Journalism Handbook. number: 212 title: Issue 212 url: published_at13.12.18, 12:39

Issue-number: 203

summary: Blind spots of the data-driven. Hacker’s guide to uncertainty. How to deliver on ML projects. State of NLP. A/V from R. Evolving Data PM roles. number: 203 title: Issue 203 url: published_at09.10.18, 18:56

Issue-number: 204

summary: Jupyter tips & tricks. Sports analtyics/viz. Mathematics as thought. A Principled Bayesian Workflow. ML optimization tutorial. PDF table extraction. number: 204 title: Issue 204 url: published_at16.10.18, 16:35

Issue-number: 205

summary: Data Science tech stacks. Julia on GPUs. Info Ops. Choosing better projects. Personality prediction w/ Facebook. Viz through questioning. number: 205 title: Issue 205 url: published_at23.10.18, 16:30

Issue-number: 206

summary: 🎃 Data Afterlife. Key interview questions. Getting started w/ Airflow. Bokeh 1.0. Slow Learning. MNIST on iOS. number: 206 title: Issue 206 url: published_at30.10.18, 16:05

Issue-number: 207

summary: Debating Jupyter. Scaling ML at Uber. Cheatsheet for cheatsheets. Learning Python. Skepticism in Data Science. Deep learning from scratch. number: 207 title: Issue 207 url: published_at06.11.18, 15:00

Issue-number: 208

summary: Jack-of-all-trades. Analyzing experiment outcomes. Tips for building a DS team. Tidyeval. Presenting data. number: 208 title: Issue 208 url: published_at13.11.18, 16:15

Issue-number: 209

summary: Automated data testing. Obscure DS libraries. Scikit-learn tutorial. Ineffective at scale. Ranking GPU clouds. Python data viz libraries. number: 209 title: Issue 209 url: published_at20.11.18, 16:08

Issue-number: 210

summary: Hidden gems of the Tidyverse. People analytics. Visualization literacy. Managing DS teams. number: 210 title: Issue 210 url: published_at27.11.18, 17:39

Issue-number: 211

summary: Curiosity-Driven. Visualization for ML. Career transitions. Top AI papers summarized. Gradient boosting. SQL lib. number: 211 title: Issue 211 url: published_at04.12.18, 19:06