Issue-number: 220

summary: Failing w/ data. NLP w/ R. Robot reporters. DL basics. RE Python devs. Megalist of ML/DL conferences. Succeeding in small orgs. number: 220 title: Issue 220 url: published_at12.02.19, 14:00

Issue-number: 211

summary: Curiosity-Driven. Visualization for ML. Career transitions. Top AI papers summarized. Gradient boosting. SQL lib. number: 211 title: Issue 211 url: published_at04.12.18, 19:06

Issue-number: 212

summary: “Anonymous.” Why analysts are key. What’s next for pandas? The Master Plots. Prediction at scale. Data Journalism Handbook. number: 212 title: Issue 212 url: published_at13.12.18, 12:39

Issue-number: 213

summary: Jupyter tips & tricks. Text as data. Key NLP ideas. Data science vs engineering. Small Multiples. Data Bill of Rights. number: 213 title: Issue 213 url: published_at20.12.18, 18:43

Issue-number: 214

summary: 2018 Roundup. ML from scratch. Julia strengths/weaknesses. Linear regression intro. Visualizing uncertainty. DS for home automation. number: 214 title: Issue 214 url: published_at31.12.18, 17:02

Issue-number: 215

summary: Advanced Jupyter. Docker for R. AI trends. High-performance medicine. Startup data teams. Interactive deep learning. number: 215 title: Issue 215 url: published_at08.01.19, 14:06

Issue-number: 216

summary: Cold start problem. TensorFlow from scratch. ML for kids. Art of Persuasion. Explainable AI. Wrangling data in JavaScript. number: 216 title: Issue 216 url: published_at15.01.19, 14:00

Issue-number: 217

summary: Salaries. Doomed to fail. Managing data discrepancies. Tensorflow 2.0. RStudio Conf highlights. Good charts / bad charts. number: 217 title: Issue 217 url: published_at22.01.19, 18:15

Issue-number: 218

summary: Counterfactuals. New R tools. ML library rankings. Dataset licenses. Practical deep learning. D3 in Depth. number: 218 title: Issue 218 url: published_at29.01.19, 16:29

Issue-number: 219

summary: Minimal pandas. Papers w/ code. DS Salaries – Europe. ML startup ideas. GPU-powered analytics. Data viz at the BBC. number: 219 title: Issue 219 url: published_at05.02.19, 16:18