Challenge: Show data from Solution: PRO Plugin Create a new JCI-Template with the above URL and this twig-code: {% for c in carParks.carPark %} {{c.definition.parkingRecord.parkingRecord.parkingNumberOfSpaces}} parkingNumberOfSpaces at {{ attribute(c.definition.parkingRecord.parkingRecord.parkingDescription.values.value, ‘#text’) }} (id: {{ attribute(c, ‘@id’) }}) parkingSiteStatus: {{c.status.parkingRecord.parkingRecordStatus.parkingSiteStatus }} parkingSiteOpeningStatus: {{c.status.parkingRecord.parkingRecordStatus.parkingSiteOpeningStatus}} measurementOrCalculationTime: {{c.status.parkingRecord.parkingRecordStatus.parkingOccupancy.vehicleCountAndRate.vehicleRate.measurementOrCalculationTime | date(“d.m.Y, H:i”) }} fillRate: {{c.status.parkingRecord.parkingRecordStatus.parkingOccupancy.vehicleCountAndRate.vehicleRate.fillRate.vehicleFlowRate}} exitRate: {{c.status.parkingRecord.parkingRecordStatus.parkingOccupancy.vehicleCountAndRate.vehicleRate.exitRate.vehicleFlowRate}} {% endfor %} … Continue reading “”

Issue-number: 293

summary: Making ML useful. Learning R. Scalable dashboards. Paper Projects. COVID’s misunderstood metric. Engineering foundations. When autonomous systems fail number: 293 title: Issue 293 url: published_at08.07.20, 00:55

Issue-number: 288

summary: Practical Python. Ultimate guide to ML deployment. Visualizing reality. Advanced Statistical Computing w/ R. How-to create interactive tutorials. number: 288 title: Issue 288 url: published_at03.06.20, 04:24

Issue-number: 290

summary: Fighting an epidemic w/ data. Connected papers. New DB tech. Scrum for DS. Truncating the y-axis. number: 290 title: Issue 290 url: published_at17.06.20, 03:43

Issue-number: 292

summary: Time series analysis. Building an AI Trading System. Power Tips for Colab. Collider bias. Will demand for data science hold up in a falling economy? number: 292 title: Issue 292 url: published_at01.07.20, 04:19

Issue-number: 289

summary: Succeeding in production. Dirty cops. Harnessing creativity. Federated learning. Typography for viz. number: 289 title: Issue 289 url: published_at10.06.20, 00:46

Issue-number: 294

summary: Awesome ML/AI. Large scale experimentation. Simplifying ML on time series. Data Infrastructure at Netflix. FAX: the painful bottleneck. Full stack DL. number: 294 title: Issue 294 url: published_at15.07.20, 14:22

Issue-number: 291

summary: ML tools landscape. Data-driven healthcare. GitHub Actions for DS/ML. Getting started w/ TensorFlow & Keras. Vis for colorblind. number: 291 title: Issue 291 url: published_at23.06.20, 21:45

Issue-number: 295

summary: Advanced SQL. How to choose what to work on. GPT-3. Intro to PyTorch. Inside Palantir. Critiquing data viz. number: 295 title: Issue 295 url: published_at22.07.20, 15:19

Issue-number: 296

summary: Applied ML. Faking news. COVID-19: Behind the numbers. Monitoring ML. Azure Architectures. Assessing data advantage for AI. number: 296 title: Issue 296 url: published_at29.07.20, 15:31