API: bitvalor.com

Task: Display data from https://api.bitvalor.com/v1/ticker.json
Free version:
[jsoncontentimporter url=https://api.bitvalor.com/v1/ticker.json basenode=ticker_24h] 
total.last: {subloop:total:-1}{total.last}{/subloop:total}[/jsoncontentimporter]

Pro-Version (date-formatting, shorter code, use of template-manager: much better for future wordpress-updates like the gutenberg-update for wordpress 5.0 – which maybe is a game changer for wordpress):

Template-Manager of the plugin (remember the id of the template):
total.last: {{ticker_24h.total.last}}
{% for key, val in ticker_24h.exchanges %}
{{key}}: {{val.high}}<br>
{% endfor %}
Arena Bitcoin = R$ {{ticker_1h.exchanges.ARN.last}}
flowBTC = R$ {{ticker_1h.exchanges.BTD.last}}
FoxBit = R$ {{ticker_1h.exchanges.FLW.last}}
LocalBitcoins = R$ {{ticker_1h.exchanges.LOC.last}}
Mercado Bitcoin = R$ {{ticker_1h.exchanges.MBT.last}}
Shortcode on page:
[jsoncontentimporterpro url=https://api.bitvalor.com/v1/ticker.json parser=twig id=NO_OF_TEMPLATE]