Formatting of date

Here you see how date from JSON can be formatted by twig.
Example of JSON with dates:

For that create a JCI-Template with:

time: {{time}}<br>
time-formatted: {{ time | date("l d.m.Y") }}<br>
date: {{date}}<br>
date-formatted: {{ date | date("l d.m.Y") }}<br>
otherdate: {{otherdate}}<br>
otherdate-formatted: {{ otherdate | date("l d.m.Y H:i:s") }}<br>

Then add [jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate="dateformatting"] to a page:

time: 1656554126
time-formatted: Thursday 30.06.2022
date: 2022-10-06T00:00:00.000+0000
date-formatted: Thursday 06.10.2022
otherdate: Thu, 30 Jun 22 03:55:26 +0200
otherdate-formatted: Thursday 30.06.2022 01:55:26