PRO: Simple twig loop


JSON locally stored at:

Shortcode (the twig-template is here inline in the shortcode. It’s way better to use JCI-Templates!):
“slice(2,5) means that the loops starts at item 2 and loops through 5 items

[jsoncontentimporterpro url=]
{% for item in _context | slice(2,5) %}
{{}} {{}} {{item.localized_name}}<br>
{% endfor %}

In Action:

3 npc_dota_hero_bane Bane
4 npc_dota_hero_bloodseeker Bloodseeker
5 npc_dota_hero_crystal_maiden Crystal Maiden
6 npc_dota_hero_drow_ranger Drow Ranger
7 npc_dota_hero_earthshaker Earthshaker