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Example: 16.03.1963
Title:To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice.

    Title:Youth Connect 8th Grade
    Test. Not a real film. No refunds.

      Title:Event Blocking

        Title:White Christmas
        “If you’re selecting a quintessential Christmas movie you’d be right to pick White Christmas, if for no other reason than the movie’s stunning grand finale,” says AMC’s Talk. “As ballerinas in red-and-white tutus pirouette and the quartet warbles the movie’s theme to the sound of jingling bells, you can actually hear the melting of Grinchy hearts everywhere.” Crazily versatile Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen star in the 1954 film with an Oscar-nominated Irving Berlin song, Bob Fosse dance moves, Edith Head costumes. “The directorial handling by Michael Curtiz gives a smooth blend of music (18 numbers plus snatches of others) and drama,” says Variety, “ and in the climax creates a genuine heart tug that will squeeze tears.”

          Title:Dr. Zhivago
          “Stories about love in a world gone mad don't come any more gorgeous, or any more sweepingly epic, than this,” says Empire. "Doctor Zhivago (which won five Oscars) astounded audiences when it debuted in 1965 with its exquisite cinematography, and decades later, it astonishes still,” remarks Common Sense Media. "One of the most meticulously designed and executed films," says Variety.
          • Lean
          • Christie
          • Sharif

          This is A Holiday Blocking Film

            Title:Random Movie In The Future

              Title:Test One
              This is Test One

                Title:Test Film 2
                This is Test Film 2

                  Title:The Film to Test Screens 3
                  This is The Film to Test Screens 3

                    Title:Short 9

                      Title:Death on the Nile
                      Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot’s Egyptian vacation aboard a glamorous river steamer turns into a terrifying search for a murderer when a picture-perfect couple’s idyllic honeymoon is tragically cut short. Set against an epic landscape of sweeping desert vistas and the majestic Giza pyramids, this tale of unbridled passion and incapacitating jealousy features a cosmopolitan group of impeccably dressed travelers, and enough wicked twists and turns to leave audiences guessing until the final, shocking denouement. “Death on the Nile” reunites the filmmaking team behind 2017’s global hit “Murder on the Orient Express,” and stars five-time Academy Award® nominee Kenneth Branagh as the iconic detective Hercule Poirot. He is joined by an all-star cast of suspects, including: Tom Bateman, four-time Oscar® nominee Annette Bening, Russell Brand, Ali Fazal, Dawn French, Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Rose Leslie, Emma Mackey, Sophie Okonedo, Jennifer Saunders and Letitia Wright. “Death on the Nile” is written by Michael Green, adapted from Christie’s novel, and is produced by Ridley Scott, Mark Gordon, Simon Kinberg, Kenneth Branagh, Judy Hofflund and Kevin J. Walsh, with Matthew Jenkins, James Prichard and Matthew Prichard serving as executive producers.
                      • Gadot
                      • Hammer
                      • Gordon
                      • Hofflund
                      • Kinberg
                      • Okonedo
                      • Leslie
                      • Saunders
                      • Fazal
                      • Walsh
                      • Bateman
                      • Wright
                      • Mackey
                      • Scott
                      • Branagh
                      • Bening
                      • French
                      • Brand

                      Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer, gets a supremely rare chance to fight heavy-weight champion Apollo Creed in a bout in which he strives to go the distance for his self-respect.
                      • Shire
                      • Winkler
                      • Avildsen
                      • Young
                      • Weathers
                      • Chartoff
                      • Meredith
                      • Stallone

                      Title:Two of Us
                      Pensioners Nina and Madeleine have hidden their deep and passionate love for many decades, but their bond is put to the test when they are suddenly unable to move freely between each other's apartments.


                          Title:Video Game Blocking

                            Title:Topowa! - Never Give Up

                              Title:Show Me The Father
                              Everyone has a unique father story. Whether positive or painful, it’s always personal and can deeply affect the core of our identity and direction of our lives. Kendrick Brothers’ SHOW ME THE FATHER is the first documentary film from the creators of WAR ROOM, OVERCOMER, FIREPROOF, and COURAGEOUS Legacy. Featuring a variety of amazing true stories, this captivating movie takes audiences of all ages on an inspiring and emotional cinematic journey. Providing a fresh perspective on the roles of fathers in today’s society, SHOW ME THE FATHER invites you to think differently about how you view your earthly father, and how you personally relate to God. Opening in theaters September 10, 2021.
                              • Kendrick
                              • Kendrick
                              • Evans
                              • Altizer
                              • Miller
                              • Smith
                              • McCullough
                              • Daly
                              • George

                              Award-winning director Joe Wright envelops moviegoers in a symphony of emotions with music, romance, and beauty in Cyrano, re-imagining the timeless tale of a heartbreaking love triangle. A man ahead of his time, Cyrano de Bergerac (played by Peter Dinklage) dazzles whether with ferocious wordplay at a verbal joust or with brilliant swordplay in a duel. But, convinced that his appearance renders him unworthy of the love of a devoted friend, the luminous Roxanne (Haley Bennett), Cyrano has yet to declare his feelings for her — and Roxanne has fallen in love, at first sight, with Christian (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.).
                              • Mendelsohn
                              • Bevan
                              • Fellner
                              • Wright
                              • Henry
                              • Harrison Jr.
                              • Bennett
                              • Heeley
                              • Dinklage

                              Title:Sing 2
                              Buster Moon and his friends must persuade reclusive rock star Clay Calloway to join them for the opening of a new show.
                              • Egerton
                              • Johansson
                              • Jennings
                              • Kroll
                              • Healy
                              • Meledandri
                              • Williams
                              • Wright
                              • Cannavale
                              • André
                              • Lourdelet
                              • Kelly
                              • Peretti
                              • Witherspoon
                              • McConaughey

                              Title:Downton Abbey: A New Era
                              The original principal cast of Downton Abbey will all once again return for the second film. In addition to the original cast, Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye, Dominic West, and Jonathan Zaccaï will join the cast.
                              • Dockery
                              • Bonneville
                              • Curtis
                              • Goode
                              • Staunton
                              • Leech
                              • McGovern
                              • Dancy
                              • Middleton
                              • Fellowes
                              • Froggatt
                              • Carter
                              • Logan
                              • Nicol
                              • Trubridge
                              • Neame
                              • Carmichael
                              • James
                              • Haddock
                              • Baye
                              • McShera
                              • Haig
                              • Jones
                              • Phillips
                              • James-Collier
                              • Coyle
                              • Doyle
                              • Hadden-Paton
                              • Smith
                              • Wilton
                              • Campbell Moore
                              • West

                              Title:House Will Call
                              Will Call

                                Title:The Tragedy of Macbeth
                                Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand star in Joel Coen’s bold and fierce adaptation; a tale of murder, madness, ambition, and wrathful cunning.
                                • McDormand
                                • Graf
                                • Hassell
                                • Hawkins
                                • Melling
                                • Carvel
                                • Washington
                                • Gleeson
                                • Coen

                                Title:The 355
                                A dream team of formidable female stars comes together in a hard-driving original approach to the globe-trotting espionage genre in The 355. When a top-secret weapon falls into mercenary hands, wild card CIA agent Mason “Mace” Brown (Oscar®-nominated actress Jessica Chastain) will need to join forces with rival badass German agent Marie (Diane Kruger, In the Fade), former MI6 ally and cutting-edge computer specialist Khadijah (Oscar® winner Lupita Nyong’o), and skilled Colombian psychologist Graciela (Oscar® winner Penélope Cruz) on a lethal, breakneck mission to retrieve it, while also staying one step ahead of a mysterious woman, Lin Mi Sheng (Bingbing Fan, X-Men: Days of Future Past), who is tracking their every move. As the action rockets around the globe from the cafes of Paris to the markets of Morocco to the wealth and glamour of Shanghai, the quartet of women will forge a tenuous loyalty that could protect the world—or get them killed. The film also stars Sebastian Stan (Avengers: Endgame) and Edgar Ramírez (The Girl on the Train). The 355 is directed by genre-defying filmmaker Simon Kinberg (writer-director-producer of Dark Phoenix, producer of Deadpool and The Martian and writer-producer of the X-Men films), from a script by Theresa Rebeck (NBC’s Smash, Trouble) and Kinberg, and is produced by Chastain and Kelly Carmichael for Chastain’s Freckle Films and by Kinberg for his Genre Films. The film is executive produced by Richard Hewitt (Bohemian Rhapsody).
                                • Chastain
                                • Stan
                                • Cruz
                                • Nyong'o
                                • Carmichael
                                • Kinberg
                                • Ramírez
                                • Fan
                                • Kruger

                                Title:Nightmare Alley
                                An ambitious young carny with a talent for manipulating people with a few well-chosen words hooks up with a female psychiatrist who is even more dangerous than he is.
                                • Cooper
                                • Mara
                                • Jenkins
                                • del Toro
                                • Dale
                                • Steenburgen
                                • Anderson
                                • Blanchett
                                • Dafoe
                                • Collette
                                • Perlman
                                • Strathairn

                                Title:EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: The Danish Collector
                                For many years no one was interested in the art of the Impressionists. Artists like Monet, Degas, and Renoir were vilified, attacked, and left penniless as a result. Then, something remarkable happened. A new breed of collectors emerged and, before long, they were battling to acquire any work by these new, radical artists that they could find. Amongst them was the visionary Danish businessman Wilhelm Hansen. It was an extraordinary moment in art history; full of drama, intrigue and subterfuge. Some collectors we may recognise and some we may not, but Hansen amassed a remarkable collection housed at his summer home, Ordrupgaard, on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Exhibition on Screen tells his fascinating story and, with exclusive access to a sell-out exhibition at London’s Royal Academy, brings the extraordinary collection to the big-screen in glorious high-definition. From Hansen’s beautiful house and gardens at Ordrupgaard to the streets of bohemian Paris, this film takes you on a journey to discover some of the best examples of 19th-century French art ever collected.
                                • Bickerstaff

                                Title:EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: Raphael Revealed
                                Marking the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death, the greatest exhibition ever held of his works took place in Rome. Exhibition on Screen was granted exclusive access to this once-in-a-lifetime show. With over two hundred masterpieces, including paintings and drawings – over a hundred of which have been brought together for the first time – this major exhibition celebrates the life and work of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino. With unprecedented loans from the Louvre, Uffizi, National Gallery of Art, the Prado Museum and more,the exhibition and this film provide an opportunity to see the breadth of Raphael’s skill, creativity and ingenuity. Award-winning director Phil Grabsky provides a fresh look at this giant of the Renaissance, and shows why he is considered one of the all-time greats. The film covers his life in Rome, and includes unique footage of the ancient Rome that was such a powerful influence, including rare footage of Nero’s Golden House that Raphael himself visited. More than just a painter, Raphael was one of the most extraordinary artists of the Renaissance but is often misunderstood or mythologised. On the basis of this extraordinary exhibition in Rome, this film allows Raphael, for the first time, to be truly revealed.
                                • Grabsky
                                • Wilkie
                                • Dawson

                                FLEE tells the story of Amin Nawabi as he grapples with a painful secret he has kept hidden for 20 years, one that threatens to derail the life he has built for himself and his soon to be husband. Recounted mostly through animation to director Jonas Poher Rasmussen, he tells for the first time the story of his extraordinary journey as a child refugee from Afghanistan.
                                • Ahmed
                                • Coster-Waldau
                                • Sørensen
                                • Hellström
                                • Poher Rasmussen
                                • Karimyar
                                • Mijdzadeh
                                • Eskandari
                                • Faiz
                                • Faiz
                                • Mehrwarz
                                • Farrey
                                • Hellstrøm

                                Title:Stoke the Fire
                                TGR’s 26th annual film release STOKE THE FIRE explores our athletes’ evolution within skiing and the pure joy that manifests from that process. The stoke means different things to different people based on where they are in their evolution. For some it is about committing to a new world, a lifestyle, and the friendships that blossom from that commitment. The choice to enter this world is a spark, and with every new experience the fire grows. With more knowledge comes more exploration, both physically and geographically, that helps to understand what those raw experiences connected with nature do for the soul. With more experience an examination of our shared history becomes important, and ultimately some of us might want to test our limits at the upper echelon of what is possible by drawing upon the sum of our knowledge and experiences. While the answers we find are different for everyone the pursuit of this evolution is something sacred, the pursuit is what stokes the fire.
                                • Gravity Research

                                Title:The King's Daughter
                                King Louis XIV's (Brosnan) quest for immortality leads him to capture a mermaid's (Fan) life force, but his immovable will is challenged when his long-hidden illegitimate daughter (Scodelario) forms a bond with the magical creature.
                                • Scodelario
                                • Fan
                                • McNamara
                                • Walker
                                • Currie
                                • han
                                • Brookwell
                                • Lloyd-Hughes
                                • Pang
                                • Young
                                • Brosnan
                                • Griffiths
                                • Hurt

                                Title:Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road
                                Join The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson on an intimate journey through his legendary career as he reminisces with Rolling Stone editor and longtime friend, Jason Fine. Featuring a new song, "Right Where I Belong," written and performed by Wilson and Jim James (My Morning Jacket), and interviews with Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Nick Jonas, Linda Perry, Jim James, Gustavo Dudamel, and Al Jardine.
                                • Jonas
                                • Springsteen
                                • Headington
                                • Dylan
                                • Wilson
                                • Hawkins
                                • Dudamel
                                • Page
                                • Wilson
                                • John
                                • James
                                • Gaudio
                                • Page

                                Title:To What Remains
                                A team searches for pilots whose planes went missing during the Battle of Peleliu in World War II.
                                • Friedkin
                                • Woods
                                • Shipley