API: api.us.veezi.com

Website: http://www.veezi.com/, API: http://api.us.veezi.com/help/Authentication
[jsoncontentimporterpro url=https://api.us.veezi.com/v1/film parser=twig id=ID_JCI_TEMPLATE_ENGINE header="VeeziAccessToken:TOKEN_YOU_GOT_FROM_VEEZI"]
Twig-Template-Code: Put this in the Plugins Template-Manager! Not into the WordPress-Page-Texteditor! The Quotationmark at date will otherwise make this fail.
{% for item in _context %}{% if item.Id != false %}
{{item.OpeningDate | date("d.m.Y") }}<br>
<ul>{% for p in item.People %}
{% endfor %}</ul>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

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