API: data.fcc.gov

DEBUG: set debugmode active via template, level: 10
DEBUG: version of plugin: 3.6.3
DEBUG: selected parser: twig
DEBUG: set method via template 49, method: curlget
DEBUG: set template via template 49: status: {{status}}<br> Licenses:<br> {% for l in Licenses.License %} {{l.licName}}, {{l.licenseID}}<br> {% endfor %}
DEBUG: set url via template 49: https://data.fcc.gov/api/license-view/basicSearch/getLicenses?searchValue=Verizon%20Wireless&format=json
DEBUG: active method: curlget
DEBUG: dynamic url NOT allowed, therefore ignore pathparam / fileext. Switch on: See plugin-options
DEBUG: { or % in url: exexcute twig-parser on it with urlparam-data: https://data.fcc.gov/api/license-view/basicSearch/getLicenses?searchValue=Verizon%20Wireless&format=json
DEBUG: execute twig-code in url-parameter: twig-template: https://data.fcc.gov/api/license-view/basicSearch/getLicenses?searchValue=Verizon%20Wireless&format=json
twig-JSON: Array ( [urlparam] => Array ( ) )

DEBUG: JSON-url: https://data.fcc.gov/api/license-view/basicSearch/getLicenses?searchValue=Verizon%20Wireless&format=json
DEBUG: curloptions really used:
DEBUG: Caching-Foldercheck: Cachefolders ok and available
DEBUG: use this cachefile: /www/htdocs/w0135691/api.json-content-importer.com/wp-content/cache/jsoncontentimporterpro/10d3a79eadc3b5dd0db170256f2188c5.cgi
DEBUG: Caching is NOT enabled
DEBUG: postbody IGNORED, this is used only if WP-POST is selected as method:
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER (19913) with value 1
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION (52) with value
DEBUG: curlGET: curl-timeout: 5
DEBUG: curlGET: curl_setopt CURLOPT_TIMEOUT (13) with value 5
DEBUG: curlGET: no curloptions defined
Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received (cg)