Free: API

Request via “no feed coming through”

Question: “Can’t get raw data from this feed to show up at all. Not sure what I am missing:

I saved this JSON to to have this example independent from external sites.

How to add this data to a WordPress page?
My way: Create a new page and add a “JSON Content Importer Free”-Block.

There use the above URL and switch on the debug mode.
Open in a new Browser-Tab and copypaste the JSON there: You’ll see that “consumer_reviews_api” is the wrapping name. Use this as basenode in the Block.
You also see a object “trader” with the item “reviews”.
With the Gutenberg-Block you can try templates and you see at once if it’s working or not:

The syntax of the free plugin-template is

company_name: {company_name}

Similar it is with the array “reviews”. Hence the syntax is

reviewer_name: {reviewer_name}<br>

So the whole shortcode is (if you don’T want to have a Gutenberg-Block):

[[jsoncontentimporter url= numberofdisplayeditems=-1 basenode=consumer_reviews_api urlgettimeout=5]
company_name: {company_name}
reviewer_name: {reviewer_name}<br>

In Action:

company_name: C Wyatt Gas Services
reviewer_name: Nick Digman
reviewer_name: Rob Selby
reviewer_name: Chris Swinburn
reviewer_name: Sam Sophie
reviewer_name: S Ho