Free: API

The API of gives Feeds like and inside that JSON like

See how the free JSON Content Importer Plugin can use with the static JSON-Feed


[[jsoncontentimporter url=]
Location: <a href="{subloop:coord:-1}{},{coord.lon}{/subloop:coord}">{name}</a> wind: 
{subloop:wind:-1}speed: {wind.speed}, deg: {wind.deg}{/subloop:wind}
{subloop:main:-1}humidity: {main.humidity}{/subloop:main} 
{subloop-array:weather:-1} {weather.main}, {weather.description} icon: <img src="{weather.icon}@2x.png" title="{weather.main}: {weather.description}"> {/subloop-array:weather}

In Action:

Location: London
wind: speed: 4.1, deg: 80
humidity: 81

Drizzle, light intensity drizzle