Free: Basic JCI-Gutenberg-Block usage

Task: Show some weathedata on a page with the JCI-Gutenberg-Block

Load Gutenberg-Block “JSON Content Importer FREE” e .g. by searching the Blocks by “json”:

stationID: {stationID}<br>
neighborhood: {neighborhood}<br>
humidity: {humidity} %<br>
Temperatur: {metric.temp} °C<br>
Taupunkt: {metric.dewpt} °C<br>
Wind: {metric.windspeed} km/h<br>
Windboen: {metric.windgust}km/h<br>
Luftdruck: {metric.pressure} hpa<br>
Niederschlag: {metric.precipRate} mm<br>

In Action:

stationID: IARGEN42
neighborhood: Eisenharz
humidity: 57 %
Temperatur: 22 °C
Taupunkt: 13 °C
Wind: 0 km/h
Windboen: 0km/h
Luftdruck: 1013.88 hpa
Niederschlag: 0 mm