Free Plugin with API

A simple example for using the free plugin:
[[jsoncontentimporter url=,EUR&e=Coinbase&extraParams=your_app_name debugmode=10] USD: {USD} - EUR: {EUR} [/jsoncontentimporter]]
In action:
DEBUG: Cache is NOT active
DEBUG: try to retieve this url:,EUR&e=Coinbase&extraParams=your_app_name
DEBUG: wp_remote_get to,EUR&e=Coinbase&extraParams=your_app_name
DEBUG: arguments: Array ( [timeout] => 5 )
DEBUG: success getting URL

DEBUG: api-answer:
Inspect JSON: Copypaste (click in box, Strg-A marks all, then insert into clipboard) the JSON from the following box to

DEBUG: basenode: no basenode defined
DEBUG: template:

LEAVE function checkType // depth: 1 // result: USD: 63960.02 – EUR: 60197.36
// returnHTMLinsideProc:

DEBUG: result:

USD: 63960.02 – EUR: 60197.36