PRO: oAuth Example

This pages shows how to get Access to JSON when a API uses the oAuth2 for authorization.

This URL is expecting:

  • POST-Request
  • http-Header with “ACCESSTOKEN:token”

Why is that? bearer.php is build this way to demonstrate how this can be done with the JCI-Plugin.

Click on the above URL (this is GET, not POST) gives you a non-JSON response:

error: this API accepts POST-requests only!

This is not what we need to get access to the JSON-data.

1. go to the JCI-Options, Tab “Shortcode settings”: The setting for “Nested JCI-Shortcodes: Use child-settings in parent-shortcode?” must be “Separate parent- and child-settings”

2. Create a new JCI-Template with:

  • Name: oauth bearer request
  • URL:
  • method: CURL-POST
  • httpstatuscodemustbe200=no tells the plugin to ignore http-errors (without only http-codes 200 are accepted) – if all is ok you can remove httpstatuscodemustbe200=no from the shortcode. Or leave it to catch errors.
[[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate="oauth bearer request" httpstatuscodemustbe200=no orderofshortcodeeval=10]]


{{_context | json_encode }}
<hr>Errormessage: {{_context.errormessage}} / time: {{_context.time}}

This gives us:

{"method":"POST","usedaccesstoken":"no token sent"} 
  • add to curloptions in the JCI-template:
  • API-response with this:
[[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate="gettoken" orderofshortcodeeval=10]]

Received Token:


Now we use this Shortcode in the curloptions to replace “whatever” by the token: #BRO# and #BRC# stand for [ and ], which otherwise cause WordPress-Trouble…

CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER=ACCESSTOKEN:#BRO#jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate=gettoken orderofshortcodeeval=10#BRC#

This gives us:

curlPOST: failed, http-code: 505