PRO: JCI-Template urlparam4twig

You can define a urlparam4twig-list like “one#two” via the shortcode “urlparam4twig ” or (preferrably) the JCI-plugin-template.

This gives you a flexible way to put a dynamic URL together for the API-call.

Create a template with the following settings. Save this template andput the shortcode on a page:

Click here and see the change in the following paragraph. You might change the values for the parameters.
In the back the twig code in the URL is executed and the values for “one” and “two” are used.

this is a template: <br>
time: {{ "now"|date("m.d.Y") }}<br>
urlparam "one": {{ | e}}<br>
urlparam "two": {{urlparam.two | e}}

URL:{{ "now"|date("mdY") }}&a={{}}&b={{urlparam.two}}

urlparam4twig: one#two

In Action:

this is a template:
time: 05.18.2024
urlparam “one”:
urlparam “two”: