PRO: param1 and param2 in the Shortcode

There is a special way to use the same JCI-Shortcode with small variations. E .g. having almost the same JCI-Shortcode on two pages with different languages .

In detail: Add param1… or param2=… to the JCI-Shortcode.


[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate="demoparam1param2" param1="value_param1" param2="value_param2"]

Effect: Both in the URL and the twig-template you can use the values of param1 and param2

URL in the template (no spaces or special chars in the param1 / param2 as the values are passed as is):

Used URL:


Twig-syntax for showing the complete JSON-data:<br>
{{ _context | json_encode  }}
<hr>param1: {{param1}}
<hr>param2: {{param2}}

In Action:

curlGET failed, http-code: 301