PRO: Send Form-Data to API

This is done in this way:
1. Create a 1st JCI-Template:
Name of Template: senddata2form
URL: dummyrequest (we don’t need an API when just displaying the Form)
urlparam4twig: inp

<form action=/send-form-data-to-api/>
<input type=text name=inp  value="{{urlparam.inp | e}}"><br>
<input type=submit value="Send Data">
{% if urlparam.inp %}
{% set sc = "[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate=senddata url="~urlparam.inp~"]" %}
{% set scExe = (sc | doshortcode) %}
{% endif %}

Then, use the following Shortcode on a page with a URL /send-form-data-to-api/

[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate="senddata2form" orderofshortcodeeval=10]

2. In the above twig-template, we call a JCI-Template named senddata. Let’s create this:
Name of Template: senddata
URL: empty (we send the URL in the Shortcode)
urlparam4twig: inp

hello senddata: {{nojsonvalue}}