PRO: Big numbers, many positions after decimal points

Challenge: Get data from Unfortunaletly this API requests more than a simple and pure http-request.
Local stored JSON:

convertjsonnumbers2strings=yes is curial here. With this the Numbers are transformed to strings. Otherwise PHP would round the number due to it’s number formats.
Rounded: 437578.372398
In the JSON: 437578.37239754

[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate="" convertjsonnumbers2strings=yes]

Create a new JCI-Template:

  • Name:
  • URL:
  • twig-template:
volume: {{ticker.volume}}<br>
change: {{ticker.change}}<br>
price: {{ticker.price}}
{% for m in %} 
        Base: {{}}: price={{m.price}} / volume={{m.volume}}
{% endfor %}

In Action:

curlGET failed, http-code: 301