API: lions.at

API: https://api.lions.at/?eID=lionsbase_api&route=/clubs Example:

API: adsbexchange.com

API: http://www.adsbexchange.com and https://public-api.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/AircraftList.json?lat=33.433638&lng=-112.008113&fDstL=0&fDstU=100 Twig-Syntax (use with Template-manager only!): Code in Template-manager: The twig-extension “dateformat” accepts three arguments: The format of the date, see PHP strftime for that. The second optional argument sets the Timezone, see PHP List of Supported Timezones for more. If empty the default value of the PHP-Installation is used. The third … Continue reading “API: adsbexchange.com”

Free: API www.karmasoftonline.com

API: http://www.karmasoftonline.com/ and https://demo.karmasoftonline.com/schedule.json?today=2016-12-30 or http://api.json-content-importer.com/extra/json/demo.karmasoftonline.com/1.json Example:

Twig: Sorting JSON

From Version 3.3 on the PRO-Version can sort JSON by using a Extension to twig (“parser=twig” needed in the Shortcode!). This is done like this: Check the structure of your JSON by http://www.jsoneditoronline.org/ Identify the Array you want to display. Arrays are collections of other Arrays or Objects (which are in fact converted to arrays) … Continue reading “Twig: Sorting JSON”

API: pricing-api.viajanet.com.br: JSON-Sort and POST

This example shows the new features coming with Version 3.3 of the PRO-Version: Send a “raw”-POST-request Send Data with the POST-Request Sort JSON with the Plugin Website: http://www.viajanet.com.br/, API: http://pricing-api.viajanet.com.br/price/best-prices-list Shortcode: Template-Code: Example:

API: api.us.veezi.com

Website: http://www.veezi.com/, API: http://api.us.veezi.com/help/Authentication Shortcode: Twig-Template-Code: Put this in the Plugins Template-Manager! Not into the WordPress-Page-Texteditor! The Quotationmark at date will otherwise make this fail. Example: