Basic JSON-/Twig-Usage: _context

API-Source: If your JSON starts with “[{” try this: JCI-Syntax: Examples: PRO-Plugin

API Stadt Köln open-data

API-Source: and JCI-Syntax: free Plugin: [jsoncontentimporter url=] {subloop-array:features:-1}{subloop:features.attributes:-1}{NAME}: {AUSLASTUNG}{/subloop:features.attributes}{/subloop-array:features} [/jsoncontentimporter] PRO-Plugin (show only >0 values) [jsoncontentimporterpro url= parser=twig] {% for f in features %}{% if f.attributes.AUSLASTUNG>0 %}{{f.attributes.NAME}}: {{f.attributes.AUSLASTUNG}}{% endif %}{% endfor %} [/jsoncontentimporterpro] Examples: free Plugin: PRO-Plugin (show only >0 values)


API-Source: API-Syntax:… JCI-free option: see JCI-Syntax: [jsoncontentimporterpro url=… parser=twig urlparam=isbn] search for isbn: <input type=text name=isbn value=”{{urlparam.isbn}}”> {% if success %} title: {{data.title}}: {{data.pages}} pages, published {{data.published}} {% else %} isbn not found {% endif %} <input type=submit value=”search isbn”></form> [/jsoncontentimporter] Plugin-Settings: “urlparam” must be switched on Example: request: hklindner 29.10.2016

Problem : How to handle JSON with some dummy data. JSON: see JCI-Syntax: code: 200 buildYear: 2015 id: 29460 price: 2.99 Euro Example:

API (free Plugin)

API-Source: API-Syntax:… JCI-Syntax: [jsoncontentimporter url=… basenode=data] isbn: <input type=text name=isbn value=”{isbn}”> {subloop-array:prices:-1}type: {prices.type}, price: <input type=text name=price value=”{prices.price}”> {/subloop-array:prices} [/jsoncontentimporter] Example:


API: Requirements: Install the free WordPress Plugin Insert PHP for putting together the signature-key Use “_symbol_at_” in the template when the JSON-key contains @, otherwise the twig-parser crashes JCI-Syntax: [jsoncontentimporterpro url=[insert_php] $apiKey = ‘xxx-YourAPIkey-xxx’; $secret = ‘xxYourSecretxx’; $timestamp = gmdate(‘U’); // 1427233130 (Tue, 24 Mar 2015 21:38:50 +0000) $sig = md5($apiKey . $secret . … Continue reading “API:”


API-Source: API-Syntax:… or…&poulecode=…. JCI-Syntax: [jsoncontentimporterpro url=… parser=twig] {% for item in _context %} {% if item.poulecode>0 %} poulecode: {{item.poulecode}} [jsoncontentimporter url=…&poulecode={{item.poulecode}}] {teamnaam:ifNotEmptyAddLeft:teamnaam }{clubrelatiecode:ifNotEmptyAddLeft:clubrelatiecode } [/jsoncontentimporter] {% endif %} {% endfor %} [/jsoncontentimporterpro] Settings of jsoncontentimporterpro: The Plugin-Option-Tab “Settings” > “Usage of other shortcodes:” must be “first JSONContentImporter-Shortcode, 2nd: third-party-Shortcodes (default)” Example: