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  • PRO: Openweather Forecast – search location, show weather

    Challenge: Show current and forecast weather data via{{lat}}&lon={{lon}}&exclude={part}&appid=….for a searchable location. Solution:Use the above API for the weather at a location defined by lat and lon. Also use the openweather-geocoding API to transform a locationname into lat & lon. In Action: See how this is done with a JCI-Shortcode: With this JCI-template:

  • PRO: Openweather Forecast – weather at a location

    See how this is done: this page gets lat & lon as input, e. g. from /pro-openweather-forecast-serach-location-show-weather/ JCI-Template: urlparam4twig: lat#lon#suURL: twig-template:

  • Free: API

    The API of gives Feeds like and inside that JSON like See how the free JSON Content Importer Plugin can use with the static JSON-Feed Shortcode: In Action: